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No, schizophrenics do. My boyfriend occasionally mutters a word under his breath which he has to remember to bring up with his psychiatrist, it may be something like that? Mine does, that's why last week I asked if it was common if they really got into TV. My H almost goes into another world and acts like he's talking to a person on TV and if there's a fight, he starts to jerk and his eyes are almost where if you were in front of him he wouldn't see you. He will play conversations that he is troubled about or he enjoyed over and over in his head. I can look at him and see that he's in that zone. His hands will move and the eyes are kinda blank like as he is thinking to himself. It's very wierd. This is the only time when I think he is just kind of out of his mind. And I'm not talking about normal reactions to TV or conversations we play in our heads...this truly is different. The rest of the time, he's an N who is fully conscience and present. I've often wondered what started this type of behavior.

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Q: Do narcissists talk or mumble incoherently to themselves?
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