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I don't think birds hibernate at all. Their solution to seasonal challenge is to migrate, and the earliest arriving Godwitsto NZ fly non-stop the 11 000 km from Siberia to NZ, arriving in September. The younger birds follow a 3500 km longer path through Asia and Australia to arrive in Oct - Dec.

The Royal Spoonbill, an Australian immigrant has recently colonized in NZ, and some of the southern flocks migrate to the North Island for their winter.

It is known that Tui and bellbird stage a winter migration to regions where there are supplies of winter nectar, such as eucalyptus.

As a footnote, the Emperor Penguin would be the bird most likely to benefit from hibernation, for it spends over two months in the middle of the Antarctic winter without a feed, whilst waiting for the female to return from her journey at sea. But it hatches the chick in the middle of winter, so hibernation is out of the question, for the chick must be kept warm on its father's feet, and by a bare-ish brood patch on his tummy.

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Kiwi do not hibernate. They live in forested areas of New Zealand and forage for food all year round. New Zealand's climate is moderate, so very few animals hibernate. Animals such as the introduced European hedgehog, which hibernate in their native environment, only hibernate for very short periods in the colder areas in New Zealand.

No. Kakapo, flightless parrots of New Zealand, do not hibernate.

Yes, there are some animals in New Zealand that hibernate. Among them are hedgehogs and the New Zealand long-tailed bat.

15% of New Zealand birds are endangered.

No. New Zealand does not have dangerous enough birds.

birds like starlings and etc hibernate. by sunidhi

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New Zealand is known for its unique birds. The kiwi is the New Zealand icon and is also a native New Zealand bird. Other native birds include the kea, kakapo, pukeko, kaka, koitareke, kokako, more pork or ruru, New Zealand falcon, tuke, tieke and dab chick, just to name a few.

The kiwi is only found in New Zealand.

Yes. Kiwi are endemic to New Zealand.

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bears hibernate they do not migrate.

Kiwi birds are only found in New Zealand.

The Southern Brown Kiwi, Spotted Shag, and Kaka are among the numerous birds that are endemic to New Zealand

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