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Well technically, no. Not real cells. But some examples of non-living things with "cells" could be jail (a jail cell) or an excel spreadsheet. I hope this helps!

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Q: Do non living things have cells?
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How do living and non living things differ?

Living things have cells where as non-living things do not.

How are living and non-living things classified?

Living things have cells non-living things dont

Is a cells a living or non living thing?

cells are living things

How can non living cells have cells?

Nonliving THINGS do not contain cells, however ALL THINGS, whether living or non-living, do contain atoms.

How many cells does a non living thing have?

Non-living things do not have cells. Cells are the fundamental unit of life - meaning only living things are made of cells.

Do all things have cells?

All known living things have cells. There are many non-living things that do not have cells.

What is non living things?

Non-living things are basically not an organism, does not contain cells.

What do living things do that non living things dont do?

living things can breath reproduce and are made of cells, non living things don't have any of those characteristics

Are cells living or non-living?

They are living things, but are replaced when they die.

Do both living and non-living things have cells?

Yes, both do have cells.

Is soil composed of cells?

No, it is non-living, all living things are composed of cells

Are onions is living or non living?

They are living because they are provided with cells and cells are known to be in all living things.

Is a car living or non-living?

No Beacuse all living things have cells

What is the smallest unit of non-living things?

Atoms would be the smallest units of non-living things. Cells are the smallest units of living things.

What Living things were different from non living?

Do you mean how are living things different from non-living? If yes, living things have cells, give off wastes, and some other stuff.

Do non -living things have cells?

Non-living things do not have cells. But if an object/organism was once alive it could still have a few dying cells, depending on the time of "death".

What are the d ifference between living things and non living things?

living things make or find their own food and eat it and are made of cells but non living things are not and don't need food.

What are some non living things made of cells?

There are none. Having cells is what makes something living

Are cork cells living or non living cells?

non-living cells

What is the belief that living things can be produced by nonliving cells?

There is no such thing as a "non-living" cell. If you are referring to living things being produces by non-living sources that would be abiogenesis.

What are the similarities of living thing and non-living things?

They both have particles. The particles that living things have are called cells.

What are the building blocks of living or nonliving objects?

The building blocks of living things are cells and of non-living things are molecules.

Differentiate living things from non-living things based on body organization?

Living things have levels of organization and are made of cells. Nonliving things do not have any body organization and are not composed of cells.

Compare and contrast living and non living things?

Living things are composed of cells and need food, water and shelter to survive. Nonliving things are not composed of cells and do not meet the requirements of life.

Why is it not possible to produce living cells from nonliving things such as rocks?

Non-living things do not have DNA, which is essentail for life.