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do ny speeding tickets affect a ct license

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Q: Do ny speeding tickets go onto your ct license?
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Does speeding ticket from Ohio count against a license in Connecticut?

Yes it will. Ohio will report the ticket to CT and it will be treated just as if you received the ticket in CT

Will my CT license be suspended if my MA license gets suspended?

I now live in CT and do not have a CT license yet. I use to live in MA but haven't switched my license to CT yet. My MA license was recently suspended. Now that I live in CT can I get at CT license

Can you request driving school instead of paying a speeding ticket in CT with no points on your license?

Yes, that should be an optiion available to you. But, be sure to ask for it.

What if i live in ct and got a speeding ticket in tn and haven't paid it?

Tennessee will issue a warrant for your arrest and report it to the national center. Then your license will be suspended.

Can you get a speeding ticket removed from your record in ct?


Speeding is permitted when passing another vehicle when?

Speeding is never permitted, at least not in CT.

Will a speeding ticket received in Ohio be reported in CT?


Will you get points on your ct license for a speeding ticket in Maine?

I believe not. Points don't transfer state to state, unless they changed it. My mom got pulled over for speeding in VA and we live in FL. She never got any points. This is incorrect. Almost all states will report your speeding ticket to your home state and it will be treated just as if it was received in your home state. The states that I know that will not put an out of state ticket on your record are NY, PA and Colorado. In general you will get points and they can lead to a suspension of your license. In general it pays to contest all traffic tickets, in state or out.

How long does Speeding stay on a ct driving record?

3 years

Will a speeding ticket in Massachusetts affect your insurance rates in Connecticut?

I'm a Connecticut resident/driver, and while on vacation in Martha's Vineyard, MA received a speeding ticket (55 in a 35). Called my lawyer immediately, and he told me to simply "pay it, it won't show up in CT". Hope he was right! It won't show up. Connecticut does not accept moving violations from Massachusetts. I purposely keep my license and registration for my autos in CT while I live in MA for just that reason. 3 speeding tickets in the last 2 years and my insurance has me discounted for a 5 year clean driving record. == == == ==

What states can you get your drivers license in if your drivers license is suspended in ct?


How much Driving time from CT to Texas?

26 hours without speeding.

Do you need to have jet ski license in ct?

no you do not

In CT do you need to have your license to drive a motorcycle?


Do you need a license for a 50cc scooter in ct?


Do you need to have your license on you when driving in CT?

Is very need to have your licence

Where can you find hoisting license practice tests?

middletown ct

What are the laws in ct for a boiler operator?

Check with the state. CT did not require a license for a boiler operator, but some cities did.

What age do you have to be get a moped license in ct?

In CT there is no such thing as a "Moped License" you must have an automobile drivers license to operate any vehicle on public streets. If the vehicle's engine is larger than 49cc, then you must also have a motorcycle license. and the vehicle must be registered and carry insurance. Search the CT MVP for all the laws, they are all online.

What is the cost for a CT speeding ticket of 52 in a 30?

150.00 dollars including court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!

Do you need a license to operate a three wheeled motorcycle in CT?


What age to drive gas moped in ct?

16 with driver license

How long do you have to have your learner's permit before you get your license in CT?

17,243,774 years.

Can you get a ma license while your ct license is suspended?

It is a violation of the Massachusett licensing laws. You are not permitted to have more than one valid license and a suspended license counts.

Is there any motorized bike or scooter that does not require a drivers license in ct?

The short answer is No. All mopeds and scooters with engines 49cc or less must have an operator with a CT MVB Drivers License. If above 49cc they must have a motorcycle license and the unit have plates and insurance.