Do only adults don't know Disney channel?

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Adults totally do Disney Channel.
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How can you be on Disney channel?

There are many ways to start a career on Disney Channel: ☻Send in an Audition tape ☻Go to this website: ☻Watch out for Talent Scouts in your neighborhood and if you do something that impresses them they might book you ☻Hire an agen ( Full Answer )

How do you get on Disney channel?

Go to Mandy's Film and TV Production Directory website and search Disney Channel. It's a really great website to get to know about auditions. If you have an agent, ask them what a good start in your career would be. If it's not Disney channel right away, try what your agent suggests, and if you succ ( Full Answer )

What is Disney channel?

Disney channel is a TV channel for ages 7-16 featuring popular teen stars like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas brothers.

How do you get to be on Disney channel?

Step by Step... 1) Be talented. 2) Show your talent to the world. ie. XFactor, YouTube etc. 3) Get famous because of your talent. 4. Audition for a Movie or TV Show... How do you think Demi Lavato, Zac Efron and all the other Disney Channel STARS got on Disney Channel.

How can I get on Disney Channel?

well first u have to audition then u have to get a agent but the most important thing is to get experience

What channel is Disney?

609. That is in the UK though. Also Disney Channel Plus 1 is 610. this shows the same programmes but one hour later-so if u miss it or want to watch the programme again, you can, an hour later.

How can you be on a Disney Channel?

u go 2 talent scouts when they come around your town or on some websites they make you appointments for auditions

What channel is Disney Channel on?

The channel number of a broadcast or cable channel is determined by your television provider. Therefore, Disney Channel will not be on the same channel in various areas. You can check a website such as TV Guide (see related links) for complete local listings. That will depend on your cable provider ( Full Answer )

Which channel is Disney channel in Canada?

Well, I belive that there is no Disney channel in Canada. But if you are in Calgary AB then for sure there is a channel named Family and it is Channel 39 it does play Disney shows there are no commercials but the do play the shows and they end at least 10 minutes before the next show starts to make ( Full Answer )

What is Disney channel on?

I wasn't going to dignify this with an answer, but since you seem so completely lost and confused, I'll hold your hand a little. Here's the answer, you ready? Ok. TV.

Is Disney Channel only available in the United States?

No, Disney Channel is available in a number of countries. Most have their own programming, although some receive the US Disney Channel. Some international Disney Channels include: . South Africa . Asia . Malaysia . India . Taiwan . Australia . Middle East . The Netherlands & Belgium . ( Full Answer )

What channel is Disney Channel?

Check your local cable or satellite listings. The numerical channeldesignation is not the same for everyone everywhere.

How do you get Disney channel?

with whatever tv company your with (eg. virgin) then if you call them and upgrade your tv package . i think that's how anyway hope it helps :S

Is Disney xd on Disney channel?

No, Disney XD and Disney Channel are two separate television channels. Disney XD is just a sister channel to Disney Channel, and it's only avaliable if you have satelite or cable television programming. But It's Rumoured That On August 19, It Will Premiere On Family Channel.....

How do you i get to be on Disney channel?

Have a wide variety of talents (acting, singing, dancing, etc.) and get yourself an agent that will work to hook you up with a spot. Audition for roles as much as possible. You just need to make yourself stand out to the casting folks. No pressure.

What channel is Disney Channel in Georgia?

64 or 63 I think you should go to both of the channels and figure it out...That would be a more reasonable explanation..maybe even go to the tv guide, or the actual guide button on your remote

Is there going to be an adult Disney Channel?

No never in a life time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *NEW* Well, Disney Channel is considered a family channel, though that just means it's appropriate for kids. It does not necessarily mean adults would like it. At the moment, ABC is the closest to an adult Disney Channel. It *is* made by the D ( Full Answer )

What channel is Disney channel in Canada?

Disney Channel is not broadcast in Canada. This is because if Disney Channel were to invest in a Canadian channel (which would likely be called 'Disney Channel Canada') then it would overpower Family Channel, as new episodes and films would premiere on Disney Channel Canada at the same time they do ( Full Answer )

Why they don't show That's So Raven on Disney Channel anymore?

They don't play it on Disney channel anymore,because it lost peoples and interest and they came out with all that other sonny with a chance crap. But they play it on ABC from 10:00-11:00 on weekend mornings(: I love that showw!!(: correction : Raven Symone Was Getting To Old For Disney Chann ( Full Answer )

What if you don't have any family or friends that is on Disney channel how do you become famous then?

It isn't about having family or friends on Disney Channel. It's about having talent. I don't want to be mean but from the sounds of your question it's fame you want rather than the chance to act. Disney Channel is not the right place for you. Disney Channel is full of committed, talented actors who ( Full Answer )

How do you get on Disney channel and how to do it?

To land a gig with disney, one must first audition for a role. Contacting a talent agency is the first step to make it on the big screen. The Agency will act as a mediator between the aspiring actor or actress and movie offers and such.

What is the channel that Disney junior the channel is on?

Disney Junior is the new "Toon Disney" and can be found on the Disney channels, east and west. In DirecTV, the channel is 290 and 291. On cable networks, the channel can be different, depending where you are. On Dish Network, the Disney channels are on 172 and 173. Disney Junior does not premier on ( Full Answer )

Who made Disney channel a channel?

The Disney Channel first joined the channels on cable television in April 1983. It was founded as a part of the Walt Disney Company's growing empire of properties-- they owned theme parks, a production company, movie studios, a record company that put out children's records, a radio network, etc. Th ( Full Answer )

When did Disney introduce the Disney channel?

Disney Channel was first launched as 'The Disney Channel' on April 18, 1983. In 1988, it omitted the term "The" from it's title to become just "Disney Channel".

Do Disney Cruise Ships have adults only activities?

Absolutely! Some require reservations and additional fees, but it'sworth it. Just remember that Disney is a family-oriented companyand to spend some time around the children.