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Orcas live in deep water because some of them beat the jesus out of, eat, and kill Great White Sharks.

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Do killer whales live in deep or shallow waters?

no they do not live in shallow water because they are way to big.

Do sperm whales live in shallow or deep waters?

sperm whales do not prefer to live in shallow waters because there isn't much space to live. so sperm whales live in deep water and dive about 1000m under the sea level.

Do killer whales live in shallow or deep water?

Normally in the deep waters, they are very wary of their surroundings and dont go into shallow waters for safety.

Does starfish live in shallow or deep water?

deep ---Actually, starfish live in shallow water. Or, rocky pools.

Does Dolphins live in shallow or deep water?

They live in shallow sea water

Do dolphins live in shallow or deep water?

They live in shallow-ish water.

Where do crabs live in deep or shallow water?

From my knowledge they live in both but mainly shallow water.

Do penguins live in shallow water or deep water?

penguins live in the deep end of bodies of water.

Does a seahorse live in shallow medium or deep water?

they live in shallow, tropical waters

Does a sea turtle live in shallow or deep water?

It lives in the shallow water of the ocean.

Do clams live in shallow waters or deep waters?

freshwater clam's live in shallow water.

What kind of waters do squids live in shallow or deep?

Squid are a type of cephalopod. They do not live in shallow water, even though they may venture there, they prefer to live in deep water.

Do coral reefs live in deep or shallow water?

coral reefs live in shallow water, maximum up to 56ft.

Do sharks live in deep or shallow water?

Sharks live in shallow pools in the ocean because that is where they mostly eat.

Do starfish live in deep water?

no they don't they live in shallow water or rocky pools. ..actually they have been known to live as deep as 6000 metres :)

Do eels live in shallow or deep waters?

depends what breed of eel but mostly deep water.

Does a blue tang fish live deep or shallow water?

it lives in deep water,because in Finding Nemo Dori was in deep sea.

How deep do sea turtles live?

shallow water not many people no because they all live in different depths of the water

Does a grouper live in shallow or deep water?

Grouper are mainly deep water fish, some species are found in waters nearly 500 feet deep.

Does the angler fish live in the shallow or deep water?

Some in shallow and some in deep. Some anglerfish are pelagic (live in the open water), while others are benthic (bottom-dwelling). Some live in the deep sea (e.g.Ceratiidae) and others on the continental shelf (e.g. the frogfishes Antennariidae and the monkfish/goosefish Lophiidae).

Do freshwater puffer fish stay on shallow water or deep water?

i think in deep water because this types of fish that are protected by their body usually live in deep water which is predetorful. thank u!

How many miles deep do killer whales live?

Killer Whales (Orca) spend most of their time in the top 20 meters of water, occasionally diving as deep as 200 meters to hunt bottom-dwelling fish. There is one report of an Orca becoming tangled in a cable at over 1000 meters, so clearly they can dive deeper if they want or need to. The question is why they would want to. Killer whales live on animals that generally frequent shallow water, such as seals, sea lions and other pinnipeds, and occasionally large fish. They sleep and breed in shallow water as well.

Do jellyfish live in shallow or deep water?

both...it just depends on the amount of darkness and how big they are.

Do whales live in Mexico?

Whales live in the deep oceans around Mexico

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