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Do otters hunt in a pack?

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No. Sea otters hunt separately but they live with other otters in rafts.

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their are 50 otters in one pack

Humans used to hunt otters for fur.

River otters are hunted for their valuable fur.

Otters are nocturnal and spend their evenings searching for food

Large group of piranhas can hunt otters and eat them.

Otters and polar bears both hunt in the sea.

Alone. They are not a pack animal

The Stellar sea lion, an eared seal, sometimes feeds on otters.

If you mean what do otters eat, then they eat fish, and shellfish. Also, Giant river otters will occasionally attack a caiman wandering into their territory.

They suck and i dont know why.

Sometimes they do, but mainly they hunt alone.

Umm yes most wolves teach them how to hunt when they start walking.

Otters find food underwater by feel. They use their hands to scrounge for crabs, clams, and other shellfish.

people hunt them and spill oil on them .

They swim and dive and hunt for fish and crustaceans.

Rarely but yes. Lone wolves hunt alone. A wolf in a pack may hunt alone but 99.9% of the time it hunts with its pack.

Upon research on this question, I discovered that people are infact allowed to hunt sea otters, although many would disagree with such a practice and fight to defend the lives of defenseless animals.

Pack is important to wolves, each pack have their group, and the pack will protect them, help them to hunt.

white sharks and killer whales bald eagles sometimes hunt young sea otters

No sea otters do not have a blow hole. Sea otters can hold their breath for up to five minutes while under water but they hunt in short dives that only last about a minute.

A cougar can hunt a single wolf but a pack of wolves can hunt pretty much anything. If there was a pack of wolves, they could hunt the cougar. A cougar could only hunt a wolf or two alone. Also, humans hunt wolves.

Bears, otters, many species of birds, raccoons.

They dive down and then eat. SOmetimes, THey eat chiken and pork

They are not endangered nationally. In many states you can hunt them.

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