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Yes they always do in a strange way

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Q: Do painted turtles mate under water?
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How do painted turtles mate?

the male painted turtle wiggles it's nails in front of the female turtles

Do turtles mate under water?

Many turtles do mate in the water. Many, like box turtles, mate on land. There are roughly 300 members of the order Testudines, so you are going to have both occurring in multiple species.

Can red eared sliders mate with painted turtles?

I have researched the same question and I read that painted turtles can only procreate with other painted turtles. Red eared sliders and painted will try to have sex but cannot reproduce

Where do sea turtles mate?

They mate in sometimes caves under water or in deep depths of the ocean then lay there eggs on shore at night and push them into the ground

Do map and painted turtles fight?

that is not true a sea turtle bites when it wants a mate i know i had two

How old do painted turtles have to be to mate?

When they decide they are old enough so probably around1 year hope this helped!

Can eastern painted turtles breed with box turtles?

No, only the same breed of turtles can mate. Except sub breeds, like the Yellow Belly Slider and Red Eared Slider. And the Mud and Musk turtles.

Will turtles in captivity mate?

Turtles will mate in captivity, but only if the conditions are perfect. Getting turtles to mate in captivity is rare.

How often do turtles mate?

turtles mate every two to four years. turtles do not mate every year, or day.

Can a eastern box turtle share a tank with a eastern painted turtle and mate with it?

No, different types of turtles can only mate with each other if they are both part of the same sub species. for instance yellow belly sliders and red eared sliders can mate. but a painted turtle and box turtle would not mate.

When do turtles mate?

Turtles mate at about 5-6 years of age.

When do snapping turtles mate?

Snapping turtles mate from May through November

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