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No. Adults are solitary, and cubs stay with their mother until old enough to make it on their own.

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Do pandas live alone or in packs?

They live in families and groups.

How do pandas take care of their young?

Pandas are very small and fragile when they are born, and they are under the care of their mother until the age of three. Pandas then continue to live with their families for the entire life.

Do red pandas live with the giant pandas?

No Red Pandas live in North America and Giant Pandas live in Japan or China

On what do pandas live?

Pandas live on the ground in bamboo forests of central China.

Do pandas live in caves?

No, pandas do not live in caves.

Do pandas live in jungles?

no pandas do not live in jungles!

Were do little pandas live?

where do red pandas live

Are red pandas closely related to raccoons?

while red pandas and raccoons are in different families, red pandas are most closely related to raccoons than to weasels.

Why is it that most pandas live in china?

Most pandas don't live in China, ALL PANDAS do.

Were do pandas live?

Giant pandas live only in China.

Do pandas live in china?

Yes, pandas live in China

Does pandas live alone?

Pandas actually do live alone

In what part of the rainforests do pandas live?

Pandas do not live in the rainforest.

Do giant pandas live in groups?

No Giant Pandas do not live in groups

Do pandas live on China or an arctic?

No pandas live in central china>

Where pandas live?

pandas live in Yangtze Basin (Heart Of China)

How many pandas can live in a pack?

Pandas don't live in packs.

In which country do pandas live in the wild?

Pandas live nativally in china

Do pandas live in the rainforest?

No, pandas live in temperate bamboo forests.

Why are pandas related to raccoons?

Actually, pandas and raccoons are not related. They are in different families. The raccoon belongs to the procyonidae and pandas are classified as a bear (ursidae).

In what type of habitat do red pandas live?

Red pandas live in an ecosystem where other red pandas live. This is the best answer rated thank you

Where do red pandas live in Sweden?

Red pandas don't live in Sweden. Red pandas live in the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China.

Are pandas oviparous?

Pandas give birth to live young. There are no eggs laid.Pandas are viviparous.

How are pandas and raccoons related?

They are both mammals but not closely related. Raccoons and pandas are from two different families.

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