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  • Yes, parents do have the right to randomly inspect the teenager's room only if they suspect their teen may be using drugs or alcohol; checking out what their young teen is up too on the the internet and the parent has seen a great change in their teen. Otherwise the teen has the right to their privacy within reason just as a parent needs some privacy. Without just cause a parent should not inspect the teen's room or read their diary.

Yes parents do have this right. Since their children are presumably minors, parents have legal control over their children. Since this behavior is not breaking the law, it is acceptable behavior. However, teenagers should have privacy like any other human being, and there should be a good reason to search the room, such as possession of a weapon, drugs, etc.


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Is this your personal cell phone, or is it owned by your employer? If the former, NO they have no right. If the latter, it is not YOUR phone, it is THEIR phone, and as such they have the right to inspect the phone.

A child can say no to visitation at any age. When they become pre teens or teenagers they usually have sports, friends and sleep overs to use as an excuse not to go to a parents home they don't wish to be at. Most parents don't push it after a certain age.

i dont no like 100000 this world is collapsing because of them I don't know how many but it an alarming amount. Many of the young people that are taking drugs now are getting them from their parents medicine cabinets. Adults are on medication for things that they never were before. Teenagers are finding a ready supply of drugs right at home.

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Legal right, no. However if living in the parents house under the parents rules absolutely they have the right to.

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