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Do parrots eat fish?

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What type of fish can parrots eat?

Parrots don't eat fish, the are herbivores not carnivores. They eat seeds, nuts and fruits

Do wild parrots eat fish?


Are parrots fish?

Depending on what your talking about. There is a fish called the Parrot fish and then their are parrots the birds who are in the Macaw family

Does another animals eat parrots?

larger parrots eat smaller parrots... and in your question i think you meant to put DO OTHER ANIMALS EAT PARROTS? okay???

Can parrots eat biscuits?

Yes parrots can eat biscuits.

What foods can parrots eat?

parrots eat seeds by: Era Aliza

Do parrots eat plants?

yes parrots do eat plants because they are herbivores

Are parrots a vegetarian?

No parrots are omnivores (they eat anything)

Do crocodiles eat parrots?

Crocodiles eat anything that is alive if they are hungry, including parrots.

Do parrots eat orchids?

No, because orchids are bigger then the parrots?

Do parrots eat lizards?

No, parrots aren't meat eaters.

Do parrots eat seeds?

Yes, parrots do eat and crush seeds. This is their natural diet in the wild.

Why do parrots eat pancakes?

Parrots are not supposed to eat pancakes. Pancakes are full of processed ingredients and the wrong type of sugar.However, parrots will enjoy the taste, which is why they will eat pancakes.

Why can't parrots eat avocado?

They can eat avocado, but some kind of parrots don't like the taste of avocado Hi, actually avocado is toxic to parrots and WILL kill them if they eat it.

Can parrots eat fish?

Yes, they can. Parrots are opportunistic carnivores but are also wide spectrum omnivores, and can actually eat a broader ranges of food than humans (for instance, cellulose for them is a carbohydrate nutrient; for us it's just roughage). Fish, among so may other things, are certainly on the menu.

Can parrots eat butter?

Parrots should not eat butter. It has too much fat, plus it has cholesterol which is definitely not good for parrots. Parrots get enough healthy fat from their regular food.

Can parrots eat lady bugs?

Parrots can indeed eat ladybugs. While ladybugs are not normal diet for parrots, they will not be toxic or cause problems otherwise.

What do parrots in the tropical rainforest eat?

Parrots in the tropical rainforest eat seeds, worms, and plants. Parrots in the tropical rainforest are omnivores. I hope that helps you.

What do parrots eat and like?

Well there are difrente types of parrots that eat difrente food,for example exotic parrot eat fruit such as banana and sun flower seeds,most parrots can eat sunflower seeds

What kind of fruit do parrots eat in the wild?

Parrots eat many kinds of fruit, but parrots in general is too broad of a term. Parrots can be referring to the parrots of Africa or the Parrots of South America, or the parrots of Australia, on. You'll have to be more specific to get a better answer, as there are different fruits in different areas of the world.

Can parrots get blueberries?

yes it is totally safe for parrots to eat blueberries

Can parrots eat orange?

Parrots can eat oranges but it is not recommended because oranges are very acidic for parrots. So the occasional piece wont hurt your parrot.

What do s cockles eat?

They eat Parrots

What kind of other animals do parrots eat?

parrots do not eat other animals. they are herbivores. they only eat plants, fruits, and nuts.

Can parrots eat worms?


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