Do penguins have knees

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Penguins have knee's. Penguins have knee's.
Yes penguins do have knees, but they do not bend like human knees.

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Q: Do penguins have knees
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Do pinguins have knees?

Do penguins have knees? Yes. Penguins appear to have very short legs and no knees because only the lower leg is externally visible. Their knees and upper legs are feather covered, hiding them from view. This also means that penguins never get cold knees

What animals don't have knees?


Do penguins bend their knees when walking?


Can a penguin sit?

No, because penguins don't have knees.

Why do penguins have short legs?

Penguins appear to have very short legs and no knees because only the lower leg is externally visible. Their knees and upper legs are feather covered.

Do penguins have actual legs?

Although you don't see them, penguins do have knees and upper legs. They are completely enclosed within the penguin's body.

What is the ear lobe for?

Not only it can hold earrings, it can be used to cover and protect your ear. The same question was asked on my book "Do Penguins Have Knees". And although they don't serve much of a medical purpose, that is why they are there.

Where were the penguins in Mr. Poppper's penguins from?

Mr. Poppers penguins were Gentoo penguins.

How do emperor penguins move?

emperor penguins move in land by waddling and in whater swiming like a rocketEmperor penguins move in two ways.1. In the water, they swim quite fast by using their wings as flippers and kicking their feet.2. On land they waddle because they have no knees and sometimes they slide on their bellies as if riding in a sled.

How many species of penguins are there in the world?

There are seventeen species of penguins in the world. Some of these include emperor penguins, Galapagos penguins, king penguins and Humboldt penguins.

What are the types of penguins?

there are heaps - adelli penguins, rockhopper penguins, fairy penguins, emperor penguins, just to name a few

Is there an animal with eight knees?

I would suppose a spider would have 8 knees. if they have knees.

Do elephants have knees?

Yes, elephants have knees. They have two knees at the back, but the front joints are not actually knees. They are regarded as elbows and wrists at the front.

What kind of penguins are on penguins of Madagascar?

talking penguins

What are Giant Penguins?

Giant Penguins are emperor penguins:

Are gentoo penguins bigger than emperor penguins?

No, Emperor Penguins are the biggest penguins in the world.

Does penguin effect penguins?

penguins do harm other penguins.

What animals do penguins interact with?

Adelie penguins. (: It's the only one i can find for emperor penguins/penguins.

3 types of penguins?

antarctic penguins, equator penguins lives near equator, and Oceania penguins

What kind of species of penguins were in March of the Penguins?

There were some Rock-Hopper Penguins and there were lots of Emperor Penguins.

What is Genuphobia?


How many knees does a spider have?

48 knees

How many knees does a lion have?

2 knees

Do hummingbirds have knees?

yes hummingbirds do have knees

Do giraffe have knees?

yes giraffes have knees