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== == Yes.

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Q: Do people's diets vary depending on their socio-economic status in Bangladesh?
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How can you assess your socioeconomic status?

Socioeconomic status is assessed by looking at an individual or group's housing, occupation, education and income levels in comparison to their country's statistical average from surveys. Other factors contributing to socioeconomic status are facilities and services, ethnic origins and unemployment.

Is there a relationship between Socioeconomic status and college entrance?

Yes, because the relationship between socioeconomic status and college entrance is that there are a smaller percentage of students from a lower socioeconomic status entering college than those in a higher status. There are several reasons for this, but money to pay for the education can often play an important role.

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While a person of any socioeconomic status can be mentally ill, abnormal behavior seems to strike those of a lower socioeconomic status disproportionately. That is to say, those of a lower socioeconomic status tend to have higher rates of mental disorders. There are two main theories for this. One states that these people are mentally ill because they are poor, that a lack of the comforts those of higher status have can cause the illnesses. The slightly more supported theory is that those with mental illnesses often lose their jobs and their relationships start to deteriorate and this causes them to start to drift downward in socioeconomic status.

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If you have enough money to live on and provide for the family.

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Poorer people have unbalanced diet. Rich people have a more balanced diet. So poor individuals face health issues due to socioeconomic status.

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Socioeconomic questions are questions that involve Social and Economic information about a person or place. What was the socioeconomic situation 5 years ago? Which means: What was the Social status and the economic statues 5 years ago? Another way to put it is What was my socioeconomic level as a child? Which translates to: What was my social and economic status as a child? Which is a question asking whether I was social in a rich society or not.

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Upper middle class and is currently POTUS

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gender socioeconomic status

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Is it socioeconomic status ?

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i even dont know.. 09261251294

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Only 22% of people in Afganistan are wealthy and the rest are poor

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i think there is no difference between two concepts.

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It's a confidence booster, but does not preclude them from being successful.

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Bangladesh played it's first test match against India in 2000.

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Yes. The word lifestyle refers to the status or activities of any socioeconomic group.

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