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Yes, it is a life-threatening condition. There is a mortality rate of about 5% when less than 10% of the body is affected.

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Many people die each year from morquio syndrome?

abut 99% of people die of morquios sydrome

Die from morquios syndrome?

Yes you can die from Morquios Syndrome

How many people die from Down syndrome?

to tell you the truth there is not a possible answer to how many people died from down syndrome the disorder has been around for so long

Why do people with Down syndrome die young?

They don't anymore. The avg. lifespan for someone with Down syndrome is 80. They used to die young because there was a lack of proper healthcare

How many people die per year from the Fragile x syndrome?


How many people die from treacher Collins syndrome each year?


How old do people with down syndrome usually die?

Usually 50 years or more

What are the stages of Down syndrome?

there arnt really stages in down syndrome. in fact it all depends on the person that has it. many people with down syndrome get Alzheimer's disease and some die at an early age.

Can you die from charge syndrome?

i hope you die

What percentage of children with shaken baby syndrome die?

What percentage of children with shaken baby syndrome die?

Can you die from the triple x syndrome?

No, you can not die from Triple X syndrome. Your are going to live a normal life .

Can down syndrome people get depressed?

Yes, people with Downs Syndrome can get depressed.

How do people die from Morquio syndrome?

the disease sadly takes over their body..... sorry to brake it to ya.

Is there famous people with Edwards syndrome?

no because many die before the first 6 months they live

What is XYZ Syndrome?

This is a syndrome for people who have lots of problems!

Does a hermaphrodite have klinefelter?

People with Klinefelter's syndrome are not hermaphrodites, and people who are hermaphrodites do not have Klinefelter's syndrome.

Does people with Asperger's syndrome have a split personality?

No people with asperger's syndrome do not have split personalities

How long do people live with turners syndrome?

people (girls/women) with turner syndrome live as long as regular people do....turner syndrome does not affect life spancy

Can you die from Carpal syndrome?


Can a person die from Tourette's Syndrome?


Can you die from Rett syndrome?


How many people have Barth Syndrome in the US?

People, mostly males, has barth syndrome. Barth Syndrome affected 200,000 male infants.

Are people with Asperger's Syndrome smart?

People diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome will have average intelligence or higher.

Can a girl with down syndrome have a boyfriend?

Yes, a girl with Down syndrome can have a boyfriend, and many do. People with Down syndrome have the same relationship needs as people without Down syndrome.

Is Reye's syndrome fatal?

As many as 30% of children and teenagers who develop Reye's syndrome die