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Q: Do people eat sharks when their alive?
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Related questions

Why do people think great white sharks are dangerous?

sharks are dangerous because they can eat you alive

Do peapol eat more sharks or dose peapol eat more sharks?

no people eat sharks

What sharks don't eat people?

Sharks don't eat people. They eat little fishes.

Why do sharks eat each other?

to stay alive

Do great white sharks mean to eat people?

Sharks are carnivorous, so they'll eat people too

Why are sharks scary to people?

Sharks can eat humans.

Does shark eat alive animals or plants?

Most sharks are canivorous.

What happens if you go into the sharks territory?

The shark might eat you alive.

Do humans eat tiger sharks?

yes people in japan eat tiger sharks

Are some sharks eaten by man?

People do eat sharks. Shark fin soup is very popular. Shark's liver is a great source of vitamin A. Shark meat is cheap and is widely eaten. More people eat sharks than sharks eat people.

Do sharks eat orcas?

No They Don't, It Is The Other Way Round. Orcas Are The Ones That Eat Sharks. But If Megalodon Was Still Alive, Then Megalodon Would Have Orca As A Tasty Snack.

Why do the sharks eat people?

Sharks eat or attack people because they see them as their regular diet. They don't mean to eat us they just mistake. Some sharks actually let go because they realize that you are not good tasting or a part of its diet. We are not yummy to sharks. Compare you on a surf board on your tummy, a turtle, and a sea lion. Don't they look alike? That is why sharks eat people.

Do sharks save people?

no they eat people

Why do sharks mostly eat meat?

Sharks are meat eaters they are most likely to be found eating meat and to keep there weight up to be strong they have to eat meat in order to stay alive.

What have people did to stop the killing of sharks?

Some people eat sharks.. i didn't know what other's do... sorry...

What eat sharks?

Japanese people.

Do people eat goblin sharks?


What sharks eat mako sharks?

Many other larger predators and people.

What animals and or people eat dolphins?

sharks eat dolphins. i hope this helped you!

What type of sharks eat people?

well there are lots of different kinds of sharks that eat humans but the main ones are: great white hammerhead

What do sharks eat other than meat?

Sharks are carnivores which mean they primarily eat meat. Their diet can consist of different kinds of meat. Most sharks eat fish but larger sharks may eat seals, and other marine mammals. Sea turtles, baby whales and dolphins, larger types of fish and even squid can be found in a shark's diet. And no, sharks do not eat people. They may attack people because they are curious and often times mistake a person for their favorite food, seals. People don't taste good to sharks. Sharks are more afraid of you then you are of it.

Do whale sharks eat people?

no whale sharks do not eat people they eat planktonNo

Do sharks eat people intentionally?

Great white sharks don't eat people on purpose. They mistake you for a seal if your on a surf board or if your in a wet suit. Bull sharks on the other hand they don't care what you are, if they are hungry, they will eat you. Bull sharks have the highest testosterone level than any other shark.

Do Great white sharks eat only dead things?

no they eat alive thing to its kinda wierd eating a dead thing!

How are sharks still alive and not endangered?

All sharks are endangered because people are catching them in great numbers and cutting off their fins for sharks fin soup.