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In some cases, yes. Universities and colleges around North America are reporting an increase in prescriptions for stimulant drugs used to treat ADHD; some people fake symptoms for the stimulant medication which can allow them to study longer and stay more focused.

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Can you be charged a felony for having fake drugs?

Yes. The specifics will depend on the state.

Are caffeine use and ADHD connected?

Caffeine is mildly effective on adults with ADHD, but nowhere near as effective as prescription medications. It should be avoided for children and teens.

Is ADHD a fake disorder?

No. There is a tremendous amount of medical literature backing up the legitimacy of ADHD. There has been much debate around the diagnosis of ADHD and the increase of prescriptions for psychostimulants which some view as unnecessary.

Can you have both autism and ADHD at the same time?

Yes, Autism and ADHD are considered comorbid so can often both occur in the same person.I am both Autistic (official diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder) and have ADHD, as is true for many people on the Autism spectrum. ADHD is often considered a cousin to ASD because the two can have similar and overlapping characteristics such as issues with communication and executive dysfunction.

What are common ADHD treatments?

Treatments for ADHD include medication, behavior management, and education for both parents and child about diagnosis and treatment options.

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How do you fake ADHD?

I am reluctant to answer this question as the most common reason to 'fake ADHD' is to get your doctor to prescribe medication for those with the disorder. Here are first a couple words of caution: (1) if you get caught, you will be in a lot of trouble. Most ADHD medications are controlled substances (i.e., like narcotics) so getting them dishonestly is not a light matter by law, and (2) ADHD medications affect those with and without ADHD differently. In fact, a lot of the focus that non-ADHD takers feel from the medication is a placebo effect, and it makes them very energetic/hyperactive, whereas for those with ADHD is corrects an improper neurotransmitter balance, making them more normal (i.e., calmer and normally focused). Your question seems aimed at the surface symptoms of ADHD. Behavioral symptoms. Which are only visible manifestations of cognitive deficits that cause them. All that hyperactivity, lack of focus, and inappropriate behavior you see from your peers with the disorder are a reflection of the underlying problems they are trying to cope with (or not, depending on how they handle the disorder). If you want to know how to 'fake it' look up behavioral symptoms of ADHD. But honestly, you will not fool an actual psychiatrist (who takes ADHD diagnosis seriously) because the questionnaires for testing the disorder are meant to test the cognitive deficits, which are hard to fake.

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Can thyroid problems be mistaken for ADHD?

According to Frank Barnhill, M.D., author of Mistaken for ADHD, thyroid and 50 other conditions can be mistaken for ADHD. An underactive thyroid or overactive thyroid can have symptoms like inattentiveness, poor memory or sleepiness, also symptoms of ADHD.

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