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Some people do, Some people don't. Its a crime to hurt animals, you can end up in Jail.

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What do goblins hate?

They hate people ,frogs ,light and cats.

Do black people hate cats?


Why do cats hit people?

Cats hit people for the same reason that people hit people: they hate and despise you.

What percent of people hate cats?


Do cats love people?

yes cats love people but they hate when they hold them a lot if you ignore them they will love you

Who hats cats?

This isn't really a question. Some people love cats, and some people hate cats. That's all there is to it.

Why dogs hate cats body paragraph?

Dogs hate cats because cats are stupid.

Why do people hate cats but like dogs?

it is just a matter of opinion

Do cats hate ammonia smell?

Cats hate the smell of vinegar and ammonia.

Why did tom hate jerry?

Get tutoring; cats hate mice Cats eat mice.

Why do some people hate cats?

because they are probably 1) scared of them or 2) allergic to them. if you didn't know, when you are allergic to a cat, you are actually allergic to their saliva, because the cats lick themselves and their spit gets all over their hair. See Why do people hate cats for a much better answer.

What will cats not eat?

Cats hate citrus fruits.

Name something mice hate?

Cats Traps People Dogs Snakes Poison

Why do some people hate black cats?

Because there is a superstisions that says they are bad luck!!!

Dog cat hate?

cats hate dogs because the dogs kills and sometimes eats cats.

Why do cats hate to take a bath?

because cats like to clean themelf and some hate water.

Does a cat swim?

Yes Cats can swim but some hate water.Not all cats hate it some cats just adore swimming.

Why do more people hate cats than dogs?

Cat's are mostly lazy and nap all day. If you are somebody with kids or are a kid then you most likely want a dog to run around and play with.

Why do cats hate mice?

They don't hate them, they consider them food.

What kind of animal do cats hate?

Cats are incapable of hatred.

Do cats like clementines?

No. Cats hate citrus fruits.

Why do dogs and cats hate?

dogs hate cats because there two DIFFERENT animals and they hate also because the first animal u have wants its territory

Why do cats hate getting wet?

most pet cats hate getting wet, but there are some which dont and have different personalities.

Why do cats hate rats?

Not all cats hate rats, in fact I doubt cats hate rats at all. You see, cats just hunt and eat rats. They might have hatred for rats but, I think the don't really care about them. They just eat them. It depends on what you believe.

What is the height of a prism?

i hate cats