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They DO celebrate Thanksgiving in Turkey. They celebrate the same way we do.

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What do people in Turkey eat on Thanksgiving?

In Turkey they don't celebrate thanksgiving.

Do people of turkey celeabrate Thanksgiving?

No of course not, the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving because people came here on the mayflower. People of Turkey have nothing to do with Thanksgiving!

Why do you celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey?

You do so because they ate turkey at the 1st Thanksgiving.

What does the President do with the turkey?

He pardons the turkey prior to Thanksgiving and then has a Thanksgiving feast to celebrate it.

Do people from Turkey have Thanksgiving?

No. Thanksgiving is an exclusively US American holiday. Turkish people do not celebrate it. Additionally, Turkish people do not eat turkey as often as US Americans do.

Does Turkey celebrate Thanksgiving?

No, Thanksgiving is a North American holiday.

How do pioneers celebrate thanksgiving?

The pioneers celebrate christmas by making turkey

Can Muslims celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving has nothing to do with religion, and most Muslims do celebrate it. Turkey is 100% halal, and there is nothing against Thanksgiving in the Quran.

Why don't they celebrate Thanksgiving in Turkey?

Because Thanksgiving is a holiday of The United States.

Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Turkey?

No. It's an American feastday

Do people in England celebrate Thanksgiving?

No, people in England do not celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving.

Do people in France celebrate Thanksgiving?

no they don't celebrate Thanksgiving .

How do people celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico?

they don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

What do you do to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Many people have a traditional Thanksgiving meal that usually consists of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

How do you people in Spain celebrate Thanksgiving?

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an American holiday.

How do people celebrate Thanksgiving?

People celebrate Thanksgiving by eating and being with their families. They also give thanks on Thanksgiving.

Who were the first people to celebrate Thanksgiving?

The first people to celebrate Thanksgiving were the Pilgrims and the Indians.

Do people in Ireland celebrate Thanksgiving?

Americans and Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving.

How do the Brazilian people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Brazilians don't celebrate thanksgiving

How does Guatemala celebrate Thanksgiving?

They celebrate it just as how we do with the turkey and enormous feast and the gathering with the family and friends.

How do most people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Most people celebrate Thanksgiving by getting together with their families and having a big Thanksgiving dinner.

In which month people celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

In the US, November is the month to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe?

Yes!People all over Europe celebrate Thanksgiving.

What are the things do to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Just make a turkey, and celebrate being thankful for food, shelter, ect.

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