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Yes - women more than men.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-12 16:56:23
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Q: Do people shave their pubic hair?
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How much pubic hair should girls shave?

herman this should help you IK u love uresled some hair

Do you shave the hair of your ciltoris?

There is no hair on the clitoris Some people however do shave their pubic hair.

Do people shave of their pubic hair?

well people shave because say they are going swimming later they would shave their pubic hair so others wont bully them for being hairy.

What percentage of people shave their pubic hair?

I do

Do you shave pubic hair?

It is ok to shave your pubic hair, but it will grow back thicker and blacker. I suggests not to shave it.

Do all people have pubic hair?

BEHAVE. Around puberty all humans develop pubic hair. Some people like to shave it off.

How did people in 1600 shave their pubic hair?

They didnt

Can a straight male shave pubic hair?

Shaving pubic hair has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It is a personal choice, and many men, straight or gay, shave their pubic hair.

Is it right to shave pubic hair?

Yes. It is completely normal, but for girls only. if your a male never shave your pubic hair, basically shaving your pubic hair is like shaving your legs (again girls) most people need to do it. Men shave their pubic hair too. They feel it is hygienic and a lot of women like it too. It is not right or wrong to shave this personal area; it is really up to you or what you like to do for your partner.

Best way to get rid of pubic hair?

you shouldn't shave your pubic hair. if its the pits, you can shave that. but if its your private hair, than just shave the borders of the pubic hair. If you shave the whole thing off, it'll grow back bushier than before.

Do female American Indians have Pubic hair?

If she shave, then she wont have pubic hair

Why shave pubic hair and not facial hair?

you can shave both.

What percent of single women shave their pubic hair?

80% of western women shave their pubic hair but only 20% of Asian shave. Hope this answer your question.

Do they shave pubic hair for male cystoscopy?

Do they shave pubic hair for a male cystoscope

Do Sprouse twins shave their pubic hair?

Haha ! Hi dude this is Cole and yes we shave our pubic hair ;)

Is it a predominantly gay act to shave your pubic hair?

No. Many straight men shave their pubic hair for hygienic and aesthetic reasons.

What do most guys do with their pubic hair?

Well some just let it grow, and some just shave it off. People are different. Like I keep my pubic hair, but other people might shave it off

How old should you be to shave pubic hair?

There is no age limit on shaving your pubic hair, if you're old enough to have pubic hair then you can shave. It should however be noted that pubic hair shouldn't be shaved as it's there to help protect the genitals and shaving risks various problems including ingrown hairs or cysts. Pubic hair is there for a reason, there is absolutely no need to shave your pubic hair.

How old do you have to be to shave your pubic hair?

Theres no age you have to be! Once you have pubic hair and feel ready you can shave pubic hair

Do people wax their pubic hair off?

Some do, easier to shave.

Are you supposed to shave all of your pubic hair?

Yes most people do, I do

What do i do when i have anal pubic hair is that normal or should i just shave it will it come back?

Yes, it is normal. A lot of people have anal pubic hair.

Does Britney Spears shave her pubic hair?

Yes Britney Spears shaves her pubic hair

Is it good to shave your pubic hair?

Alot of men do shave their pubic hair if there is too much, however it can be severely itchy afterwards.

Why does it hurt after you shave your pubic hair?

Maybe without recognizing it, while you shave you scratch your pubic skin...who knows.. == ==