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The two can't be compared. If you use solar energy, you'll also be using electricity - the electricity from the solar panels (unless you are talking about the other type of solar panel: the one used to directly heat water).

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What is the future of electricity?

In the future, the cost of purchasing electricity will likely decline. As more people convert their homes to solar energy, less people needing fossil fuels will force the cost of electricity down.

Do solar panels produce electricity or energy?

Solar panels produce electricity (a general statement) which, to be more specific, is electrical energy, measured in watt-hours or kilowatt-hours.

Is it easy to transport solar energy?

Solar Energy is like any other electricity, it's stored in batteries and is no more easy or hard to move than any other electricity.

What do people need to do so solar energy gets used more often?

Solar energy could be used by more people if electronic devices that a lot of households use- like computers, TV's, iPods, radios, etc.- require to be used by solar energy. A really great way that people could use more solar energy is if more cars use solar power. If some people go around showing people the great ways that solar energy can save the Earth, it might also have more people use solar energy. solar energy can also be used for things in plug sockets.

What are 3 advantages to solar energy?

reduces pollution,reduces expenditures andprovides energy to a large number of never ends gives you vitamin Dmore electricity

What are the advantages of using tidal electricity?

It can be relied on and also it produces electricity reliably. tidal energy is a renewable energy, when compared to solar and wind energy it is more efficient source.

Where can cheap electricity be obtained from?

Solar power is a clean alternative source of energy compared to conventional methods obtaining electricity. As the price of solar panels continue to decrease, solar power will become more and more budget friendly to the average consumer.

Which has more energy wind energy or solar energy?

Its not wind energy or solar energyactually wind and solar are energy resources and solar power has more energy because it works directly from the sun which has more energy then wind

How does solar energy reduce the use of fossil fuels?

Most countries burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.If they used solar power to generate electricity, thenThey would not have to use so much fossil fuel.Solar Energy itself does not reduce the use of fossil fuels. But the use of solar energy should hopefully reduce the need of fossil fuels to create energy, so therefore the more we can use solar power as an energy source instead of fossil fuels, the more we reduce the use of fossil fuels.

How can solar energy be used?

Solar energy can be used directly for water heating, or it can be converted to electric energy using photo-voltaic cellsA:Solar energy works by the use of silicon structured panels. These panels can trap the heat from the sun and convert it to more common energy, electricity. The electricity is then channeled to a power plant like building which distributes the energy accordingly. These panels can also be installed in your own home. There are several ways of capturing and using the sun's energy, including photovoltaic cells, active solar energy, passive solar energy and concentrating solar power systems.

How has solar energy changed over time?

Solar cells have become more efficient. This allows for greater conversion of sunlight into usable electricity in a smaller space.

The type of energy from the sun?

solar energy is made from the sun. we use it for electricity its more efficient then anything else in the long run and we cant run out of it.

Does electricity provide more heat or does solar panels provide more heat?


Why do people use solar power?

People use solar power to heat water and create electricity. When considering the cost of electricity and the available state and federal incentives, solar power is a very smart financial decision. Basically, solar power is the right thing to do for the environment and the economy.There is no other source of energy on the planet more reliable than solar power. There is no pollution or greenhouse effect. It needs no refinement, it's ready to go.

Give three more examples of renewable energy resources?

hydro electricity, wind power, solar power, geothermal

How expensive are solar panels for a home?

Solar panels range from 200 dollars to thousands. It depends on how much energy you want to generate and how big the solar panels are. Bigger panels make more energy, and they cost a lot more. But once you buy it, you won't have to pay for electricity bills.

How do solar reflectors improve the efficiency of solar collectors?

A solar reflector directs more sunlight into the solar collector. The more solar energy that is directed to the solar panel, the more electrical energy that is generated.

How widely is solar energy used?

Solar energy is a widely-used energy source. It is used around the world. Many people use it in their homes, hotels and much more.

How could solar energy be used for the welfare of humankind?

We can convert the solar energy into electricity. This will mean we can stop burning coal, oil, natural gas that we use now to generate electricity. So no more carbon dioxide will be added to the atmosphere and global warming will be averted. But we have to start yesterday!

What are the social effect on solar energy?

In the future, solar energy shall become much more efficient, making electricity power cheaper. Nowadays it represents a small fraction of the total energy produced on the whole world. However, as new technologies on solar energy become more advanced, it will be an important (and cheap) source of energy. Residences will be able to store energy from the sun, so dropping the cost of the monthly energy bill.

What are the two renewable energy resources that make electricity?

For one there are more than two renewable energy sources. These are wind, hydro, solar, wave or tide and geothermal (some people say tide and hydro are the same because they both use water). Also if you want to be technical they do not make electricity they change kinetic, heat and light energy into electricity. There are others and it is a lot more complicated but this is the jist of it and should answer your question.

What type of energy resource is renewable resource?

the energy which can be used again and again for our use like solar energy, wind energy to use electricity. the others types of energy resource which will be renewable. it is present more in rajasthan

Why don't more people use solar energy?

Solar power is becoming more popular, but scientists are trying to improve the overall efficiency of the technology.

What three types of energy can be transformed into electricity?

Three types? I can think of more than that. But I suppose if we group some together: there is mechanical energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy. Thermal energy in a power station is transformed into mechanical energy so is covered by that. But then both wind energy and hydro energy convert to mechanical before the electricity is produced. So really at a fundamental level there seems only mechanical and solar. Mechanical would include fossil fuels, (coal, oil, natural gas,), nuclear, wind, incinerators, hydro, geothermal, and biomass, which all drive a mechanical device to produce the electricity. Solar produces electricity directly from photovoltaic cells so that is not mechanical.

What energy is used in a normal household?

Most houses still use electricity for energy but it is better to get hot water/solar panels to get rid of your electricity bill. Though you'll need more than one to completely dissolve it.

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