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Both actions occur on the Antarctic continent: people visit there and some people live and work there. Both actions are temporary.

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Do people visit or work antarctica?

people do visit antractica and people do work there in slide and out slide

Where do most people visit in Antarctica?

most people visit Antarctica in research bases

Do people live in or visit Antarctica?

There is no native or permanent population in Antarctica. People who live there, do so temporarily. They may be scientists or people who work in support of science. Their work there is the scientific study of the health of planet earth, according to the Antarctic Treaty. People visit Antarctica as tourists, and generally, they visit the warmer parts of the continent, specifically the Antarctic Peninsula.

Do people visit Antarctica?

Yes, people can and do travel to Antarctica.

10 possible reason why people visit Antarctica?

people visit Antarctica for the nice weather an the study of whales.

What are the interesting places to visit in Antarctica?

Every place that you can visit in Antarctica is 'interesting' at least to the people who manage the visit.

What types of people visit Antarctica?

Many people visit Antarctica, if they can afford it. Often groups go, scientists or teachers etc. We need more people to visit Antarctica, so they can feedback to the world the numerous potential threats to it.

Where do the workers in Antarctica live?

Not many people live in Antarctica and tourists just get there, get a visit and come back. There is a workstation built specially for the scientists to work in.

Would it affect antarctica animals if people went there?

There are no animals on the Antarctic continent, except the sea birds and sea mammals that visit its beaches to breed. People live and work, temporarily on the continent, and tourists visit Antarctica today.

What is the language spoken in Antarctica?

As there is no indigenous population, the people that work and visit there speak the languages of their home countries.

What kinds of people visit Antarctica?

Visitors to Antarctica are tourists and they visit Antarctica from countries all over the world.

Where do people that visit antarctica stay?

People who visit Antarctica 'stay' on the ships that they sail on to reach the continent. There are no commercial enterprises on the Antarctic continent.

What parts of Antarctica do people visit?

Mostly, tourists visit Antarctica beaches, and most commonly, on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Why do people visit Antarctica?

There are many reasons why people visit Antarctica, and extreme tourism is the primary reason. People want to see its beauty, because it is a big place to go and one probably goes there once in a lifetime. People live and work in Antarctica on a temporary basis in pursuit of scientific research for the health of planet earth.

When did people first visit Antarctica?

for nothing

Why do people want to visit Antarctica?

To Explore!

What to people come to look at in Antarctica?

People who visit Antarctica are treated to the views of the most exotic landscape on earth.

What are the opportunities for people in the future if people visit antarctica?

Antarctica is a place of natural beauty which needs to be preserved for future generations

How many people can visit Antarctica at a time?

As many people as can pay the cruise line operating a boat that visits Antarctica.

Why do scientists only work in Antarctica for the summer?

80% of people work in the summer in antarctica

Do people vistit or work on Antarctica?

The only people who visit or work on antarctica are scientists and people like that.Actually, many people visit Antarctica to see and learn about the ecology of the continent. So many so, that there is a proposed revision to the International Treaty on Antarctica that would limit such visits, particularly by cruise ships. Such limits are proposed to be no ships with a capacity of more than 500 people, and no more than 100 people on the continent at one time from any given ship. a guide would be required to be with smaller groups of 20 people.Another AnswerPeople visit Antarctica as tourists, and experience all their hospitality services aboard the tour boats. There are no commercial facilities anywhere on the continent.People work in Antarctica for governments interested in answering questions about the scientific health of planet earth. All these jobs are temporary and assignments can last up to 12 months.

What motivates people to visit Antarctica?

cause the weather is nice

How far is Antarctica from England?

The distance from Antarctica to England is 10,100 miles. Most people who take a trip to Antarctica visit by ship.

How is the continent antarctica affected?

Antarctica is affected because people visit there and leave behind waste and pollution !

The people who live in antarctica are there to have a vacation?

Yes, people tour Antarctica on their vacations, and they live elsewhere. People who live and work temporarily in Antarctica are not on vacation.

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