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Do people who post questions here really read others' answers to their questions?

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2012-03-21 21:58:24

I don't get it...

I think so.. we try to work together to give you the best

possible answer possible...

Sigh... I'm not sure, maybe it takes a few weeks for someone to


Depends on the question and if it was put in the right category

and then, of course, if someone who knows the answer sees it...

Of course we do, silly!!! why would we ask a question if we did

not want it answered...!?

A more detailed answer:

New users may not realize that, before they ask a new question,

they can search for existing similar questions just by putting up

to two key words into the big green Ask box at the top of

any page on WikiAnswers.

If you use just one or two "key" words that makes the system do

a search for questions which have those same words, some of which

may already have some useful existing answers. Not realizing they

can do a search, a new user may ask his or her question with more

than two words in it but with very slightly different wording to an

existing question. The system tries to match this to an existing

question but the new user may not bother to look at the matched

questions or answers, so they just go ahead and ask their new

question. Also they may not put it into a good category or may just

leave it as an Uncategorized question.

That is why so many similar questions are stored on the system,

many of which are uncategorized and many which are still unanswered

whilst at the same time there may be dozens of very similar

questions stored on the system, each with a slightly different

answer. Month by month new improvements are being added to the

system to make the automatic placing of questions into good

categories work better and also, wherever possible, to help users

to see existing questions more clearly so they can more easily

merge their new questions into similar existing ones.

WikiAnswers has a dedicated team of volunteer Supervisors who

work hard merging as many stored but unanswered questions into

existing similar questions which already have answers and placing

existing uncategorized questions into good categories. But those

tasks are truly enormous! Supervisors can only do as much work as

they have time to donate each day. A full mentoring program is in

place to help suitable applicants to become efficient Supers and we

are always looking for more knowledgeable, willing and able

Supervisors to join us!

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