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Do people who post questions here really read others' answers to their questions?

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I don't get it...

I think so.. we try to work together to give you the best possible answer possible...

Sigh... I'm not sure, maybe it takes a few weeks for someone to answer....

Depends on the question and if it was put in the right category and then, of course, if someone who knows the answer sees it...

Of course we do, silly!!! why would we ask a question if we did not want it answered...!?

A more detailed answer:

New users may not realize that, before they ask a new question, they can search for existing similar questions just by putting up to two key words into the big green Ask box at the top of any page on WikiAnswers.

If you use just one or two "key" words that makes the system do a search for questions which have those same words, some of which may already have some useful existing answers. Not realizing they can do a search, a new user may ask his or her question with more than two words in it but with very slightly different wording to an existing question. The system tries to match this to an existing question but the new user may not bother to look at the matched questions or answers, so they just go ahead and ask their new question. Also they may not put it into a good category or may just leave it as an Uncategorized question.

That is why so many similar questions are stored on the system, many of which are uncategorized and many which are still unanswered whilst at the same time there may be dozens of very similar questions stored on the system, each with a slightly different answer. Month by month new improvements are being added to the system to make the automatic placing of questions into good categories work better and also, wherever possible, to help users to see existing questions more clearly so they can more easily merge their new questions into similar existing ones.

WikiAnswers has a dedicated team of volunteer Supervisors who work hard merging as many stored but unanswered questions into existing similar questions which already have answers and placing existing uncategorized questions into good categories. But those tasks are truly enormous! Supervisors can only do as much work as they have time to donate each day. A full mentoring program is in place to help suitable applicants to become efficient Supers and we are always looking for more knowledgeable, willing and able Supervisors to join us!

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Who is the author of answer? doesn't have an author because a lot of people cooperate to answer the questions that others have. So the author is really all the people who answers questions that are been asked by others.

Why does this website give me answers I don't need?

This site answers questions for everyone. Yes, there will be many answers you are not interested in, just like many people won't care about the answers to the questions you ask. However, that is how it is designed.Now, if you mean wrong or inappropriate answers to your questions, that is the work of trolls and vandals. They simply post whatever to feel important, see their own handiwork, annoy others, impress others who are like them, or whatever. Really, just flag or report those when you find them.

Who really answers your questions?

Us the people that actually are willing to. I mean see for yourself!

Are you really telling me the answers personally?

We answer the questions people ask - anyone can read the answers - not just the person asking the question.

Do people really recommend questions or answers on wikianswers or does someone cheat and hack the recommendation and give them a good total of recommends?

Yes, members do recommend questions/answers and other contributors on WikiAnswers. This is one method of demonstrating or showing others that something on the site has been helpful.

Why does this site not work?

Because we don' have answers to all of your questions so we make your questions different then what they really are.

Does WikiAnswers always give the answer you were looking for?

Well really it depends on if people that answer know these questions as people just put in answers. Some people do know and give you correct answers. Others deliberately give stupid answers, as they think that is fun. Sometimes people don't properly understand your question or misinterpret it and so the answer they give is not correct. Most answers are correct though.

Why do you ask pointless questions?

Many people ask pointless questions when they are bored. Others do it because they really do not know the answer to the question that may seem pointless to others.

What is WkikAnswerscom source?

it gets it's info from people that know answers to the questions, so really, anything

How do you actually find the answers to these questions?

How to find answers for questionsWe can find answers to all, or at least most of these questions from people's personal experiences and/or online research. it is really cool you chat with people on your bio page!People from the WikiAnswers community post and answer questions constantly. Just post the question that you want answered and I'm sure you will get a response eventually.

Are the answers on this website so bad?

Yeah, most people answer the questions really silly or they make up the answer and make it sound really truthful!

Who answers these questions people ask?

if someone comes across your question you can just answer it by going on answer it so really anyone can.

What is the temperature of Neptune and Pluto?

This is really two separate questions, see the related questions for those questions and answers.

What is humanistic existential perspective in psychology?

Humanistic: Like saying people trying to answers the larger questions of life; says their personality is revealed from their answers to such questions. - Bottom line is, this perspective wants to find out what your potential is. What can you really do.

What if you do not know the answer to my question?

That can happen-- depending on who sees your question. However, we have people who know different things. For example, I cannot work algebra problems (I dislike math). But others can answer those. On really tough questions, we research the answers.

Do you recommend this website?

Well kind of. It doesn't really answer most of the questions I want it to so I have to answer them myself. On the other hand your helping other people. This is basically where people go for help. And some people put crappy answers for questions which I don't appreciate. It really is a last chance for people.

Why are people that answer questions on WikiAnswers so mean?

Some are really nice! In general, most contributors and Supervisors on WikiAnswers are people who genuinely enjoy helping others with answers to their questions. If you ever come across a 'mean' contributor, be sure to report them to a Supervisor or in the appropriate topic within the Community Forum and they will be dealt with accordingly.

Do you really get paid to answers my questions lol?

Contributors here are simply people like you and me who like to help so no they are not paid. We though have competitions like Answerthons in which you are required to answer questions and the person who answers the most get some gift card prizes.

How do people REALLY know the answers to the questions people ask about Johnny Depp?

Unless Johnny Depp himself wrote the answers on this website, they are not going to be 100% accurate. However, most of the posters on this site try to give honest and truthful answers.

Why doesn't anybody answer the whole bunch of questions before this one and they are really good questions and you want to know the answers?

some people are just really stupid and others just say they know it because they're showy-offy or flirting with you or someone close by.

When people ask a question what are your interests in answering it?

well I'm just bored so I'm looking for unanswered questions I know the answers to but I'm sure some people feel a purpose in helping people with questions and I'm sure people are really interested in some of the questions they are answering.

Why do people remove answers from questions?

There are really only two reasons people remove answers from this site. Some of the people who do this are vandals. They either don't like what is on the page, or they just want to disrupt the site. The other reason answers are blanked is because they are inappropriate or otherwise break the rules.

Why will nobody answer your questions when you really want to know?

because no one knows the answers?

Is it true WikiAnswers is not reliable?

some answers are reliable like this one, but many people post wrong or rude answers about some questions. It really depends on what you are asking and how well known the question is.

Why is this so hard to find a question with the right answer?

If you are referring to why it is hard to find questions with the right answers on wiki.answers it is because anyone, and everyone, has the ability to answer questions on this site. Sometimes kids come on to this site and write bogus answers because they think they are funny. The people who do answer the questions here try really hard to answer them correctly and with detail, and try to correct the wrong answers.