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yes 7 on average for people who sleep with their mouth closed, they just eat more of them... :D

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โˆ™ 2011-12-07 22:54:32
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Q: Do people who sleep with there mouth open get spiders in there mouth?
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Do spiders crawl into your mouth while you sleep?

There is a possibility but even if they do they have been doing it to people for years and theres no proven harm. Even though its sound scary its not known that people wake up often with a massive hairy beast in their mouth. Don't worry about and try not to sleep with your mouth open if your so bothered.

How do you eat a fly?

Open your mouth when you see a fly. In your lifetime you will eat at least 8 flies and spiders in your sleep.

How many spiders enter your mouth when your asleep?

If your mouth is closed no spiders enter your mouth, but if your mouth is open, thousands enter your mouth!

Why do people drool?

As some people sleep with their mouhs open and so the saliva in your mouth starts collecting (as you wont be swallowing them when your mouths are open) starts to pour out of your mouth.

Is it true that you eat about 8 spiders in your lifetime?

Yes, you do eat spiders in your sleep. Spiders like wet, damp, dry places. When you sleep with your mouth open, they crawl in and wake you up. Your instincs are to swallow once you wake up, so there goes the spider! Whether or not you eat 8, we are not posotive of the exact number. Hope this helps! :)

How many spiders do you eat asleep?

none, we we don't eat spiders when we are asleep the only way we can eat a spider is if there was a minute one in your salad and you ate it. So this belief is known to be a myth We eat approximetly 3 spiders when we sleep under the stars. Their anttenae has a like magnet that can sense liquid/spit. But this only happens when you sleep will an open mouth.

Why do you drool at night?

You drool when your mouth is open. The saliva in your mouth comes out through force of gravity. Some people sleep with their mouth open (the droolers) while some people don't (the non-droolers). There is no scientific evidence saying that you need to drool or that you do not need to drool. It just happens.

Why do you dribble in your sleep?

Because you sleep with your mouth open and it just makes it's way out.

Why do you get thirsty at night?

sleep with your mouth open or drool

Why do people say not to speak with your mouth open?

People don't say not to speak with your mouth open, they say not to eat with your mouth open.

Can spiders lay eggs in your mouth?

ys thy can lay them in any open body cavity

What does drooling in your dream mean?

it means you sleep with your mouth open.

What happens when sleeping with the mouth open?

The mucous membranes get dry when sleeping with the mouth open. A dry mouth permits bacteria on the teeth and gums to multiply, so the person can end up with more tooth decay. Also the throat can get sore, especially during winter when the furnace is operating. Dry heat that produces more dry mouth can affect the sinuses as well and can cause nasal congestion. Lastly, most people who sleep with the mouth open will drool some on the pillow rather than swallowing during sleep.

How do alligators sleep?

Alligators sleep can sleep on land or they will go in shallow water they sometimes have their mouth open because thats how they sweat

How do Alligator sleep?

Alligators sleep can sleep on land or they will go in shallow water they sometimes have their mouth open because thats how they sweat

Why do some people sleep with their eyes open?

There are many reasons why some people sleep with their eyes open. Theses people might sleep with their eyes open because they're afraid.

Can spiders crawl into your butt?

Sure if you dont have underware on, they crawl in your nose and mouth, so if its a open, they will go in.

Why do you swallow 8 spiders in a lifetime?

You can swallow spiders when you are sleeping with your mouth open. Some spiders are very little so they can just *plop* right in there and you don't even know you swallowed it. I know this because I am a spider.

Why should you not sleep under trees in night?

because if you sleep with your mouth open, a leaf can fall in at any time

Why do people eat with their mouth open?

People who are disgusting and have no manners eat with their mouth open cause its a habit they have

Do humans eat spiders in there sleep?

this rarely happens but it could. when a human is sleeping. a spider could hang from a wall or on the celling but when the human opens it's mouth for a breath of air. the spider can fall into it's mouth! the human will not wake up but it will sense something is in their mouth. so while there dreaming in the dream they could eat something like ice-cream. and accidentally eat the spider. >You are recalling a horror movie trailer, point by point, that most likely influenced you. There are no such anecdotes except intentional misleads. Spiders do not fall off the ceiling very easily, people don't sleep on their backs with their mouths open wide. Even if the extreme odds were overcome, and a spider fell landing dead center on an open mouth, the persons gag reflex would surely wake them. Ice cream? +++ As another has replied to the same question, no: It's an urban myth or old wives' tale.

Do people sometimes open their eyes when they sleep?

yes pepole do sleep with there eyes open

Can bed bugs go in your mouth?

only if you open your mouth and sleep and it depends on were you sleep because you are more likely to get them on a wooden bed but if you sleep on a metal bed you wouldn't get as much as a wooden be because bed bugs like wood because it is nice and cosy

Can you sleep with one eye open?

yes it is possible some people even sleep with both eyes open

What makes a person sleep with mouth open?

Yes, because i do so that might mean that some other people might. If you do your eyes dry out and after they dry out you have to go and get your eyes checked after a while