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Most of us have an almost perfect, passionate relationship when we first meet someone, because it's all new, bright and shiny and the world is our oyster. When people get married the first few years can still be fairly passionate (although never perfect .. no such beast) and when children come into the picture passion can certainly fade to a low murmur of loving words and busy schedules. As one ages, people go through hormonal changes, some people become ill, and some medications lower the libido. Diabetes and heart disease can cause low libido as well. To me, there is no such thing as "the perfect marriage" no matter how well two people get along. There will be the odd argument or, problems in the sexual area of that marriage. What is a good marriage is loving someone no matter what, being there for them through thick and thin and thinking of your partner as your very best friend that you can tell anything to. If you've got that there isn't much else in this world you can't beat and keep your head above water. Marcy

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Q: Do perfect passionate marriages exist and how can you tell?
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