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Do pets really see in black and white?


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Yes because they have alot of rod.Rod is a cell that you could use in the darkness.


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well dogs and cats see black an white

No. Dogs can see in black and in white. Horses I know can probally see in blues and reds, but maybe not as well with yellows and greens.

they see in some color. they are really black with white stripes!!!! most people think they are white with black stripes.

Dogs see in black and white but they also see red, blue, green, and yellow. I have seen dogs do tricks that involve color.

wolves are related to dogs who see in black and white, so they probably see in black and white too.

do frogs see black or white sometimes

Yes turtles see black in white

well,if you are looking at the glare on the black, you will see white. but if you are looking at the black, but not at the glare, then you will see black.

they see in black a white because that is how they are made

yes actually all dogs see black and white

lets see there is a lot of softball players that say white is the new black cuz black is all plain and white blends in but then if its white then you can add extra colors to it which makes it even more awsome from Jessica

Black and White. Scientists think that dogs see in either black and white or limited amount of color.

they do not see in only black and white. they dont see colors as vibrantly but can see colors.

they are black and white because preditors from the bottom see white when they look up and a penguins belly is white. Then preditors from the top see black and penguins backs are BLACK

No, it sees in red, blue, green, and yellow too.

White is lighter than the black and in the dark, black is camouflaged so white is easier to see.

they see in black and white

It depends on what your question is. Cats do not see only black and white, but they do see black and white, as well as other colors(though the colors are blurry :/)

idk but if you look up on youtube it says catching arceas in Pokemon white/black im really not sure but i think its yes? remember go on youtube to see if its in Pokemon white/black PS: i have Pokemon white.

To a dog, everything. All they can see in is black and white.

Cats don't only see black and white. It's a misunderstanding

dogs in gneral see all black and white color

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