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Do pine trees grow in the rain forest?


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No, there is only pine trees in pine forests. I think?

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pine trees are oxygen and they grow pine cones which open and close when predicting rain

The rain forest has hardwood and softwood trees. Softwood trees grow all over the world. Pine is a good example of softwood.

Maple is does not grow in the rain forest :)

Trees in the rain-forests grow as other trees do. Rain forest is actually made by the trees there which constantly show transpiration.

Do fig trees grow in the rainforest? Yes they do by:Nina Shaw

Avocados don't grow in the rain forest. It is from south central Mexico and it is a berry. They are considered subtropical trees.

Trees in the tropical rain forest can grow up to forty meters high.

Do coconuts grow in the amazon rain forest

i think because the amazon is a rain forest and the trees get lots of rain. hope this helps!

In tropical rain forest,certain orchids grow high up in the trees,dangling their roots in the air

Forest don't grow in the mid-western because in the mid-western they don't get a lot of rain, and trees depend on rain to grow.

The tropical rain forest must be hot and wet. There must be very fertile soil. It takes many years for the trees to grow.

No, pine trees grow fairly quickly compared with rain-forest trees.We can plant a pine tree and it will grow in a few years. So pine is generally regarded as a renewable resource, if we replant for every one we cut down.But if we harvest pine trees to extinction, then, yes, they are non-renewable. This is not a likely situation as countries like the United States and Canada have more forest acres and larger number of board feet today then even 70 years ago,a pine tree is a renewable resourse:)As trees can be replaced by planting other trees they are a renewable resource.No. I can go chop down my pine tree for Christmas, and plant another one to take its place. That makes it a renewable resource.

Brazil nut trees cannot be grown on plantations. The trees grow wild only in the rain forest where people collect nuts after they fell down on the ground.

Kapok Tree, Redwood, Mahogany, and Oak.

if u believe in your heart, and declare it to be true, then anything is impossible!!

There are perfect growing conditions it is hot,rainy and sunny.Perfect for plants to grow.

other trees will grow quickly to fill the gap.....

Limestone neutralized the acids in acid rain. However pine trees grow in the soil on top of the limestone so the effect of neutralization will not be as significant. If the soil contains pulverized limestone )is basic) the soil will not become acidic

The tallest section is the Emergent section of the rain forest. Trees here can grow up around 200 feet.

no because there is not much rain to have a rain forest or trees to have a rain forest

What do people think about outher people cutting down trees in the rain forest

Palm Trees are found in the Rain Forest. You might think the desert but they are found in the Rain Forest.

The name of the layer under the tops of trees in the rain forest is called the CANOPY.

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