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Do pine trees have flowers?


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No, pine trees do not produce flowers.

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All pine trees have flowers but they are insignificant.

no pine trees produce pine cones in order to reproduce, not flowers

no, pine trees are gymnosperms and only produce cones, never flowers

It is a pine tree. Pine trees make seeds and or pollen but it does not produce flowers.

Some flowers grow on trees and so do pine cones

umm...gee, this is such a hard question!! pine trees, oaks, maples!! obviously!!

the two trees which do not bear flowers are pine and cycass which are normally found in the cold places and places of high altitude.

a pine tree and seaweeds seaweeds i love you

i believe there is flowers such as tulips and pine trees

The answer would be pine trees or any other plants that have pine needles

why cant you smell pine from your pine trees?

No, Pine Trees have pine needles, not leaves

All pine trees are conifers, which are gymnosperms or "naked seeds" due to the fact that they reproduce by cones instead of by flowers.

No, pine trees are not sexual.

Pine trees are not seedless. The seeds are located in the pine cones.

Pine trees have quite a few things that fern and mosses do not. Pine trees have pine cones and a wooden trunk.

A plantation (area of trees) of pine trees

There are more than 2 flowers which are not colorful and showy. All anemophilous flowers (Flowers which are pollinated by wind) are such flowers as they have no need to attract insects or birds for pollination. Examples for such flowers are : Grass species, Coniferous trees (Pine trees), Ragweed flowers, Hickory family, the Hoary Plantain and Sweet Chestnuts.

Pine trees are sometimes also called conifer trees. This is because pine trees produce cones that are planted to grow more pine trees.

pine trees or evergreens

No, there is only pine trees in pine forests. I think?

Yes, of course pine trees are real. That's where pine needles and pine cones come from.

pine trees thrive in Florida

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