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No, pine trees do not have leaves. They have pine needles that have a waxy coat on them. People refer to them as pine leaves sometimes, but that isn't what they are.

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No, Pine Trees have pine needles, not leaves

The leaves of pine trees are needle-like.

Yes - the 'needles' of pine trees are their actual leaves.

when do pine trees shed their leaves

Pine trees bear clusters of leaves, called "needles," or "pine needles," in clusters.

Evergreen trees, such as pine trees and spruces, do not lose their leaves.

no they're coniferous trees, they have needles instead of leaves.

Pine trees leaves do not change colour during autumn, as they are evergreen trees.

Pine trees will always have needle shaped leaves, they stay like this forever. The "needle shaped leaves" are called pine needles. Most pine trees belong to a group of trees called Evergreens. Like it's name, the tree is evergreen.

No. Conifers are trees like pine trees. Deciduous trees are the trees that have leaves and lose them during Autumn.

Evergreen Pine trees do not have leaves,the are pine needles and the shape of the tree helps it to shed snow.

The pointed leaves on the pine trees are called needles.

because the geographical regions where the pine trees are growing would not allow them to have broad leaves and they have to conserve water also. In addition needle like leaves of the pine trees increase the photosynthetic surface area of these plants.

no they dont but many trees produce leaves and leaved produce food for the trees, the same as the pine needles do for pinetrees.

Pine trees have long, very narrow, evergreen leaves which have a waxy coating and are generally referred to as pine needles.

Ever Green trees or pine trees

Pine is a soft wood. Generally speaking, Trees with leaves are hardwood, Trees with needles are softwood.

Pine trees are green all year round: evergreen. They do not lose their leaves. They are not deciduous.

Pine and other types of cones occur on pine trees and other types of evergreen trees that do not have leaves that are dropped at the end of the growig season. The cones are the fruit of the trees.

Pine trees do not lose their leaves in Autumn. They are tall trees that have string like leaves and have cones on them. The cone are called 'Pine cones'. The look relatively the same all round the year.

to avoid the harsh weather

well, pine trees are a type of tree that keep their leaves all year round. pine trees have leaves that are almost more like little needles but not as sharp. we normally use pine trees as Christmas trees. there are probably other trees that don't lose their leaves as well, and I'm sure there are some that don't lose leaves until late Autumn or early winter. hope it helps :D Evergreens.

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