Do pink flamingo's fly?

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What is a fly?

a creature that flies around and, well, enjoys being a fly. Bad points: It hangs around horse manure. Good points: they are fun to smush with a fly swatter. No good points, really.

What is a flamingo's enviornment?

Flamingos live in warm climates and inhabit the edges of lakes and swamps where they can eat shrimp, algae, and other small creatures that live in shallow water.

Why can you not fly?

Answer . We (people) are too heavy to fly, we don't have wings or propellars to lift us off the ground and we just weren't built to fly. I'm sorry, but we can still fly in planes.

Why can you fly?

If you mean human then no.humans cant fly.Humans have weight plus gravity is taking place so humans ant fly.If you mean birds they can fly because they have wings which can defy gravity and make them fly into the air.

Why are Pink Dolphins pink?

The Pink River Dolphins of the Amazon River in South America arepink-colored because they have a lot of blood vessels near thesurface of their skin, so that they can better control their bodytemperature. The pink river dolphin of the Amazon River is rare. There is noconclusive evidence as to why th ( Full Answer )

What is a Flamingo's habitat like?

Flamingos inhabit the edges of lakes and swamps where they can eat shrimp, algae, and other small creatures that live in shallow water.

What is a Fly out?

That is when a batter hits the ball in the air and the defender catches it before it hits the ground. Generally, the term 'fly out' is used with a ball hit to an outfielder. The tern 'pop out' is used with a ball hit to an infielder.

Who are the pinks?

Very popular girls who are liked by girls. Hint: they have them on their wall,clothin,phones,,etc..

Is there a flying pink insect that looks like a wasp?

Is this it? Polistes Carolina - Red Wasp Google a few different images - they seem to come in shades from pinkish to burgundy. Funny, the photos seem to be from the south eastern states, but I saw one in Toronto Ontario, Canada.

Where in the world do flamingo's live?

Flamingos are found in Africa, Asia, North America, Central America, South America, and Europe. They inhabit the edges of lakes and swamps where they can eat shrimp, algae, and other small creatures that live in shallow water.

What is it when you fly?

It is really not obvoius what you are asking. If you fly, you go in an aeroplane; is that what you wanted to know?

Do they fly?

Define who "they" are. You could be suspended from the site if you ask generic questions.

How do you get fly on?

Go 2 Veilstone city after getiong your 3rd gym badge then Dawn will ask u if ur going 2 hlep her get her pokedex back from team glactic after uv beaten that team go into the glactic warehouse and wil find a pokeball go to that a then push a it wil say u hav fly.

Where do i get fly?

cycling road or near it there is a lone house with a dark clored roof maybe blue or red or never mnd on theroof but wwhen you go in there will be on girl and on bird poke mon in the room the Pokemon is pidgy and the girl says "oh no you found my hide out I'll give you this if you don' tell any one?" ( Full Answer )

Do flamingo's fly?

Accord to the San Diego Zoo they DO FLY ! -- "In order to fly, flamingos need to run a few paces to gather speed. This speed is not related to the ground but rather to the air, so they usually take off facing into the wind. In flight, flamingos are quite distinctive, with their long necks stretche ( Full Answer )

What the function of a flamingo's cirulatory system?

Weelll... I can't specifically find out a famingos circulatory system.. BUT!, A Flamingo is a water bird and i know the function of a water birds. OK so the circulatory ststem transports nurtrients to the cell. The glucose is used to produce ATP; this is transported through out the body by the Circu ( Full Answer )

What food do flamingo's eat that make them pink?

Flamingos eat blue-green algae, brine shrimp and small crustaceans that contain pigments called carotenoids, the latter of which makes them a pink color. They are what they eat. .

How can you fly?

You can use an airplane, a helicopter, or a jet to fly. you have to pull out wiennie and use as a stering wheel and navagate with your boobies pull it rihht to go right and


Well, you first need to get the HM Fly from some guy as you advance. Then, teach it to some Pokemon who can learn Fly and WA-LAH!

Why am i flying?

You are flying either because you have spontaneously sprouted wings or because you have officially gone crazy. If either of these is the case, I suggest you see a doctor as soon as possible.

What about pink?

Pink - a pastel shade of red. Associated with baby/young girls and homosexual men. Pink - a boat with an over hanging stern. Pink - a flower, any one of several of the genus Dianthus . Pink - title of a song recorded by the rock group Aerosmith. Pink - a recording artist. Pink, in th ( Full Answer )

How do you fly?

We have invented some devices that can make us go in the air, butwe have not yet been close to any technology or chemicals that canmake us fly like superman. You have to, first, get a really big umbrella, then go to the topof a building with a fan, jump off and turn the fan on. Trust me,you will fly ( Full Answer )

How did you fly?

The only way you can fly is if you hanglide, fly in an airplane, or sky dive. But it is impossible to actually fly. unless you get wings through evolution.

What is a flamingo's color?

pink.... *edit:they are black at birth, but when they eat a certain type of shrimp, they turn pink*

Are pink fairies really pink?

yes and no yes because they are pink and no because there are no such things as faries.

Why can not we fly?

your mum is so fat and hungry she ate our wings Hey! That's so mean! This is categorized under human anatomy not humor! The reason why we cant fly is because our bones aren't hollow, so that adds to our natural weight, and we don't have feathers, our webs between our fingers, so we have nothing ( Full Answer )

Does a pink eye has to be pink?

Yep, the inside not the outside of you eye, and watery, an itches, and your not aloud to touch.

Do flamingo's have belly buttons?

No, flamingos are birds, therefore, they lay eggs. The only reason humans have belly buttons is because that was where the umbilical cord was attached. Seeing as eggs aren't attached by an umbilical cord, they don't have belly buttons.

What colour is flamingo's milk?

Flamingos are birds not mammals. Only mammals possess mammary glands. Only mammals produce milk. Flamingos do not produce milk. Edit: This answer is not entirely correct. While flamingos are not mammals and not not produce milk from mammary glands, they do produce a "milk" from the cells lining t ( Full Answer )

Do pink elephants fly?

A "pink elephant" is a delusion, a non-existent apparition. Being imaginary, they could do pretty much as they please.

How can I fly?

Eat black beans as they are a good source of protein, and wait from 6-8 weeks by fasting on bread and water, eventually small feathers should appear on the upper part of your back. Be sure to rub the area on your back were your spinal cord is located, as a lot of pressure is put on there during meta ( Full Answer )

What is the flying pink thing in Kirby?

First define the pink thing. because that just kibry or something else. secondly if you can define what game of Kirby and where or you can just show a picture of it. thirdly, i will tell you about it if you can provide these thing for me. other wise this. KIRBY- a creature that hold within himse ( Full Answer )

Why do flamingo's legs bend backwards?

Flamingos legs bend the opposite way because Flamingo legs are double joined. Just like we cannot bend our legs backwards, Flamingos cannot bend their legs forward. FOR MORE ANSWERS ON ANY QUESTION GO TO WWW.IKNOW.BLOGSPOT.COM

How does a flamingo's feet help it to survive?

They empower the creature to run away when a lion, capybara, or predator approaches, or when a danger lurks. This instinct makes it possible for the flamingo to survive such a situation although threatened, and to live on, to eat and to procreate another day.

How much do pink fly shoes cost?

Fly shoes are available in many colors, including many different shades of pink. Cost depends on the brand of shoes you choose. Prices vary from about $20 up to over $200 for high end designer brands.

What do flying pink winged stick insects eat?

The flying Pink Winged stick insects eat the leaves off ablackberry bush. Pink Winged stick insects also will need to havewater misted onto leaves for drinking if being kept in a cage.

Where is the flamingo's country or continent?

Flamingos do not originate from one country of continent. Flamingos are native to the continents of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

How is pink pink?

Pink is a pale red color, which takes its name from the flower ofthe same name.

What is A Pink?

A Pink is a 6 member Korean girl group under A Cube Entertainment. an endagered hairless rabbit

How to get fly?

Getting a fly can be easy if one uses flypaper or a fly trap. If aperson wants to get fly in the slang sense of the word, a freshwardrobe and some cool music might help.