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One of the most remarkable features of our solar system is that nearly all of the revolutions and rotations are in the same direction. From a point high above the north pole of the solar system the planets are revolving about the sun and rotating about their axes in a counterclockwise direction. This holds true also for the asteroids. If the planets and asteroids were formed from merely random accretions the would be an even mixture of the directions of revolution and rotation. The sun itself also rotates in a counterclockwise direction. The satellites of the planets also generally revolve and rotate in a counterclockwise direction. Of the thirty something satellites only six do not do so; they are said to have retrograde motion. Of the six exceptions five are outer satellites likely to be captured asteroids.


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The planets do circle the Sun because they can move around it when the time changes

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What planets circle the sun?

All planets circle the Sun

How does planets circle around the Sun?

Planets circle in an elliptical orbit around the Sun.

How many times do the sun circle the planet?

none the sun doesnt circle the planet planets circle the sun!!!

Who believed that the sun and the planets circle around the sun?

me !

How are planets different from moon?

Planets circle the sun Moons cirle planets.

The earth and all the planets does what around the sun?

Circle around the sun some say the sun circles the planets but it does not

Why do planets circle the Sun?

gravitational force

How do all planets orbit the sun?

in a circle

How many planets circle the sun?

There are 8 planets that rotate our sun as Pluto has been declassified as a planet.

Why do the planets circle around the sun?

its because of the pull of gravity from the sun>

Do the Planets orbit the sun in circle or ellipses?

An ellipses.

Why do the planets circle the sun?

The sun's gravitational pull

Why do the planets orbit the sun in a circle?

The gravitational pull.

Which of these terms means a complete circle around the sun?

The planets revolve around the sun. The planets rotate on their own axis.

The sun and all of the bodies that circle around it including planets and moons make up the?

The sun and all of the bodies that circle around it including planets and moons make up the solar system.

Who predict that the planets circle around the sun?

Copernicus was the first astronomer to come up with the idea of heliocentric cosmology (planets orbit the sun).

In 1543 who said that planets circle around the sun?

Nicolaus Copernicus.

What are the planets and moons that circle the sun called?

It is called the solar system

The Sun the earth and remaining planets are roughly in shape?

the sun earth and the remaining planets are roughly spherical in shape.

How do asteroids and comets orbit the sun?

From: Angelo.k Francisco They circle the sun like planets but at one point they get closer to the sun.

What shape does the planets make when they circle the sun?

A circle but Pluto (which is not considered a planet currently) makes an oval shape.

Who put the idea that the earth and the planets circle around the sun?

Nicolaus Copernicus

Planets that circle stars other than earths sun are called?


Do planets circle around the sun?

Yes, though the orbits are not perfectly circular.

What is the shape of the path the Earth takes and other planets take around the sun?

Each of the planets moves around the Sun in an ellipse. Usually - in the case of the planets - this ellipse is quite close to a circle.

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