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Sand has no nutrients and vitamin C but soil does.

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Do plants grow more faster in dirt or sand?

Depending on the size of the grain of sand, sand is best. It holds more moisture then dirt does.

How does plants grow faster in sand?

With all the required nutrients and water, the plants grow faster in sand due to increased porocity to the roots.

Will pea plants grow in sand?

Yes,it will grow if you put a mixer of more sand and alittle dirt.

Which soil will make a flower grow faster dirt water or sand?

dirt gravel because it has some nutrients in it and gravel does not.

Was a man created by sand?

Not entirely, The correct word would be ground (or dirt). The difference is that living thing such as plants (mostly plants, but in THIS case a man) can grow in ground/dirt, where in sand it can not.

Do plants grow better in sand dirt or in soil dirt?

The soil will help more because it has the most nutrients.

Where do plants grow faster in water or sand?

Water. Water absorbs and nutrients the plants system.

How do you place sugar cane minecraft?

Here are the needs for sugar reed to grow: Water needs to be next to it. 2.: Must grow on sand or dirt (sand is faster)

Do plants grow better in sand or dirt?

Most plants grow better in dirt than sand because the dirt contains important nutrients and can retain water for later use by the plant. Sand generally doesn't contain much in the way of nutrients - if it does, we usually call it "sandy soil" rather than "sand". Water also drains away through sand fairly quickly so that it is not available to plants for very long.

What is the difference between sand and dirt and soil?

Sand is small pieces of worn stone. Dirt is just muck. Soil is something that plants can grow in, a bit like peat.

What is in sand that makes plants grow?

There is nothing in sand that will make plants grow.

How do you grow grass in sand?

remove the sand then put dirt there

What is the four types of soil?

dirt, water, sand, not sure about the other what else can plants grow in ?and mud ideot

What plants grow in sand?

Cacti and many xerophytic plants can grow in sand.

Does sand flood faster than dirt?

Yes. because dirt can soak up more water than sand can

Which plants grow best in sand?

lillly's grow best in sand

Would a plant grow better in sand or dirt?

It depends on what kind of plant most plants a nutrients themselves but if not then most likely dirt it carries some nutrients sand carries water easily but lets it drain it dries easily dirt is best.

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