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They sure do!

It gets a little crowded in a plant cell with chloroplasts, central vacuoles and more than enough mitochondria to burn some of the sugar made through photosynthesis.

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Does animals and plants have mitochondria?

Yes. Both animals and plants contain mitochondria.

Plants have chloroplast but not mitochondria?

Plants have both chloroplasts and mitochondria not one or the other. However animals don't have chloroplasts, but do have mitochondria.

Do animals have chloroplast and plants have mitochondria?

No only plats have chloroplasts. Mitochondria are in both

Why do plants need mitochondria?

Plants also need energy.These energy is produced by Mitochondria

Plants have mitochondria why?

Plants are also respiring living organisms.So they need mitochondria for respiration.

Do photosynthesizing plants have mitochondria?

Almost all plants have mitochondria. Plants use these mitochondria to release the energy from the glucose that is stored inside them (The glucose is obtained via Photosynthesis).

Do all plants and animals have mitochondria?

Yes all plants and animals have mitochondria because they have cells. Mitochondria helps the cells in animals and plants to produce energy that is essential for survival.

Do photosynthesizing plant have mitochondria?

Plants are eukaryotic organisms.So they do have mitochondria.

Are mitochondria in plants different from mitochondria in animals?

Mitochondria can be found in both animal and plant cells and there is no difference between those from plants and those from animals.

What macromolecule made by plants is burned in the mitochondria?

Glucose (C6H12O6) is made by plants and burned in the mitochondria. It is a carbohydrate.

Is mitochondria located in plants or animal cells?


Do plants have chloroplasts and mitochondria?

Yes they have both of them. They are essential for plants.Chloroplast is needed for photosynthesis. Mitochondria is needed for respiration

Which is smaller Cell Wall or nucleus or cytoplasm or mitochondria?

mitochondria for plants

Do plants and animlas have mitochondria?

Yes,they have mitochondria in cells.It is common to both.

Do they both have mitochondria?

If you mean animals and plants by both.Yes,both have mitochondria

Are mitochondria in a plant or animal?

Mitochondria are located in both plants and animals.

Which kingdom have chloroplasts and mitochondria present?

Plants have both chloroplasts and mitochondria and animals have mitochondria. These are two kingdoms.

Do plants have mitochondria?

Yes.Plants also need energy.This energy is produced in mitochondria

Do plants and animals have mitochondria?

Yes, both plant and animal cells have mitochondria.

Is mitochondria a plant or animal?

Mitochondria are in both plants and animals.Mitochondria are typical organells.

In plants mitochondria use light energy to make sugar?

No it is not mitochondria. It is the chloroplast

Is a Mitochondria found in plants or animals?

In plants and animals both

The cells power plants are the?


What is the cells power plants?


Do plants or animals have mitochondria?


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