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yes they do!

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Do animals have genes?

yes. all plants and animals do have genes.

What two genes do all short pea plants have?

Recessive genes

What genes are found in plants and animals?

Genes are found on chromosomes in the nucleus

What kind of genes do pure plants have?

like genes-michael clark

Can plants and animals have same genes?

no animals and plant cells can not have the same genes.

Do plants contain genetic material?

They contain genes. Genetics is the scientific study of genes.

Where are genes found in plants and animals?

The stomach

What is the chemical component of genes?

The chemical component of genes is the DNA. In animals, plants, and fungi, the genes are contained within the cell nucleus.

What is a purebred plant?

a purebred plant is a plant that has received the same genes from both parent plants because those parent plants have the same genes.

Why do strawberry plants look so different from sunflower plants?

They have diffrent genes

Does a plant cell contain genes?

Oh yes, plants, and all living organisms, have genes.

What are the results of meiosis in plants and fungi?

The results of meiosis in plants and fungi is the formation of genes

Do plants have genes too?

Yes, all forms of life have DNA (genes) (some RNA, being bacteria).

What year did Mendel discover genes?

Mendel studied genes and did his famous experiments with pea plants from 1856 to 1863. He published the results of these experiments about genes in 1865.

What is true of GMO crops?

there have been no instances of genes escaping from GMO plants into other plants

What kind of genes disappear in f1 pea plants?


What did Gregor Mendel investigate with pea plants?

He investigated genes :)

What genes does a pea plant with wrinkled have?

Ressive genes. Smooth seeds are dominant in the pea plants Mendel used in his experiments.

How is DNA copied and passed from one generation to the next?

DNA is copied into the chromosomes by genes transition and genes transferred by the for example the healthy plants genes tranwere into unhealthy plants and thath ways dna molecule will be transwered . :) ANSWERED ADE BY ALISHBAH JUMANI

Who experimented with pea plants?

Gregor mendel was the first to experiment reproduction and inherited genes on pea plants.

Why do plants produce products that have antimicrobial activity?

Because ancestral plants had mutant genes that made them produce these products, which acted to protect them from bacteria diseases, which allowed them to flourish, which allowed them to supplant rival conspecifics that lacked the genes that caused them to produce the products, and the living plants of present time inherited the genes in question from their ancestors.

Can non living things have genes and DNA?

No, living thing shave DNA and genes which kind of affects its appearance (like humans and plants). Nonliving things do not have genes and DNA.

Many transgenic plants contain genes that produce a natural?


How many genes that code for proteins does a single organism typically have?

There is no typical amount of genes, every organism has genes that codes for proteins it needs. Some bacteria have a few thousand genes, but plants often have hundreds of thousands, more than humans. There is no typical number of genes.

How are genes transfered from plants into the soil?

Plant genes can't be transferred into the soil .Just the seeds that contain DNA or RNA can be transferred into soil .