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None of the above.

Platypuses do not actually live in any waterholes or creeks. They dig burrows in the banks of freshwater rivers and creeks. They can be found alongside creeks or rivers with a slow rate of running water, as well as in still freshwater ponds, dams, lakes and billabongs - as long as there is a bank high enough above the waterline for the platypus to dig its burrow.

Platypuses will never be found in any marine or saltwater environment such as oceans,

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Can you find platypuses in the ocean?

No. Platypuses live near freshwater creeks and rivers. They are not marine dwellers.

Do platypuses swim in the ocean?

No. Platypuses only live in freshwater rivers, creeks, lakes or dams.

Do platypuses live in oceans?

No; platypuses live alongside freshwater creeks, rivers and ponds. They do not live in saltwater environments. The ocean is a saltwater environment, while platypuses can only live if they have access to a freshwater environment, which is where they find their food.

Does a platypus live in a lake?

No. Platypuses do not live in the water. They live in burrows they dig alongside freshwater sources. This may be a lake, a creek, a river or a billabong.

Why Do platypuses live in the swamp?

Platypuses do not live in the swamp. Platypuses do not live in water at all. They burrow in riverbanks and creekbanks, above the waterline, so their burrow remains dry. Platypuses need creeks and rivers for hunting in, but they are also found alongside lakes. They prefer clean, slightly running water, preferably not stagnant like that found in swamps, although they do sometimes live in lakes. In addition, swamps, by their very nature, do not have banks that will allow platypuses to dig shelters. Swamps are low-lying wetland areas, with saturated flats that do not allow a platypus to dig and stay dry when it is not hunting for food.

Does seahorses live in the ocean or lake?

Seahorses live in saltwater, so they are found in the ocean.

What type of animals live in swamps or lakes?

Any kind of reptile could live in a swamp or lake.

Where do kangaroos and platypuses live?

Platypuses and kangaroos live in Australia

What type of habitat does a trumpeter swan live in?

a swamp, lake , and sometimes , grassy lands

Does a platypus live in the ocean?

No. Platypuses rely on fresh water, such as that found in rivers and creeks, for their food. They cannot live in saltwater habitats.

Does a cheetah live in a tree cave lake ocean?

No, but cheetahs have been found in lake ocean tree caves

Do platypuses live in freshwater or saltwater?

Platypuses can only live in fresh water.

Do platypuses live in Maine?

No. Platypuses do not live in Maine. They are endemic to eastern Australia.

Where does a fish live?

In the ocean,river,lake,and pond

Will you find a platypus in the Great Barrier Reef?

No, platypuses live in inland freshwater environments in mainland Australia, not in the ocean.

Where do platypuses live in Iowa?

Platypuses do not live in Iowa. Platypuses are native to Australia alone, and they are only found in the eastern states of the country.

How many platypuses live together?

Platypuses are solitary animals and generally live alone.

Do platypuses live together or apart?

Platypuses are solitary animals, tending to live alone.

Do Platypuses live in the sea?

No. Platypuses can only live near freshwater creeks and rivers.

Can platypuses live in Wisconsin?

No. Platypuses are uniquely adapted to live in the country and continent of Australia.

Do Bees live around water?

Depends where at a swamp? no. at a beach? no. fresh water lake and ponds? Yes.

Did the incas live near alake or ocean?

buttox lake

Can plants that live the ocean live in a lake?

It cannot because it's a type of plant that can only live in salt water. If it lives in the lake, it will die.

How do platypuses adapt to the deciduous forest?

Platypuses do not live in the deciduous forest. Platypuses live within native Australian bushland or rainforest, neither of which is deciduous.

Does a platypus live in the Pacific?

The platypus lives in eastern Australia. Australia is in the South Pacific. So it could be said that platypuses live in the Pacific, but they do not live in the ocean. They are freshwater animals.