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Q: Do police come to your house to arrest you if probation has been violated?
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How often can the police enter your home while you are on house arrest?

This depends on what type of house arrest you're under. House arrest administered by the local sheriffs office can't help yourself incarceration. In that particular case, the sheriffs office can enter to your house as many times as they need to, to ensure you are complying with their conditions. If your house arrest is a form of probation, then only your probation officer and their team may enter your house as often as they need to, to ensure you are complying with those conditions.

What happens if someone was charged with domestic violence but paid a fine and got probation and then violated his probation?

he would go to jail or it depends on what the probation officer says to that person and how bad he violated his probation and what he did cause if its serious he would get put in jail or if it ain't serious he could go on house arrest and it all depends on what the probation officer says and what the court says to the probation officer and him and even though its a miner thing he could still get locked up for it

What punishments is considered an intermediate sanction Probation House arrest Suspended sentence or Incarceration?

House Arrest / Home Confinement

If your on house arrest do you have to have a job?

No you are not allowed to have a job unless your probation lets you. Everytime you leave the house you have to call your probation officer for permission.

Can a villain leave the state?

A villain can leave the state if they arent on house arrest or on the police's most wanted watch list. If you are on parole or probation, you have to check with your parole/probation officer first, before you leave the state, to get permission.

What are community based sanctions?

Probation, House Arrest, Parole, Things of this nature

Is house arrest a proper noun?

No, it is a common noun. He is under house arrest. He violated his house arrest and went back to jail. It would be a proper noun if it was the actual name of a thing or place. She went to the House Arrest officer to arrange the release of her son.

How do you report someone that is violating his house arrest in Kentucky?

To report a parole or probation violation, you should call the police department or the local parole/probation office. Tell them what is going on and they will handle it. Most likely the violator would be arrested.

Can police search your house when you have a warrant for your arrest?


Can the police come to your house and arrest you for shop lifting?


Can you be arrested at home?

If they have a warrant, the police can enter your house and arrest you.

What restrictions can you have on probation?

Depending on the circumstances, you can have a term of House Arrest, a Curfew, community service, etc.

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