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Q: Do police come to your house when you have warrants in Utah?
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Is it possible to have an active warrant and it not come up when police ran my name?

Yes! There are warrants that are local with no extradition.

Can a police come into your house for a vehicle that needs to be repossed?


Do police look for people that have warrants?

I'm sure it depends on the city. Here, police officer are so busy with other things, they don't actively look for people with warrants. If you have an outstanding warrant against you, it will probably come up on a traffic stop when they run your driver license and you will be arrested then.

Can the police come to your house and arrest you for shop lifting?


Will a cop come and arrest you on a bench warrant?

Yes, they can. Bench warrants are usually served by Marshalls or Constables not regular police. See Discussion page

Can the police come to your house on a bench warrant for a failure to appear at a compliance hearing for a misdemeanor?

Will the police come to your house on a bench warrant for a failure to appear at cost and fines hearing

If you have warrants for theft shoplifting in south Australia and go on the run in Victoria and get checked by police in Victoria will warrants come up and will you be arrested?

Probably.Listen, it's a fool's game to try and elude the cops/warrents from the past unless you live with no further contact with the police. Computers, ya' know? Police do their job by sharing info. Stay clean to remain free.

Will the police come to your house if you're a witness?

Come to your house for what reason? If you are a witness and they need to question you about something relevant to the case, probably they will. If you prefer that they not come to your house notify them that you wish to be interviewed at some other location (i.e. the police station, for instance).

Does a police officer need a search warrant to enter my house?

Yes a police officer does need a warrant to come into your house, by force. But if the officer would ask to come in and you reply yes, he can come in without a warrant.

Do police check for warrants at hotels?

Yes, they do this everywhere. Usually they come by and pick up the hotel register daily or weekly and check everyone for warrants. It goes on everywhere and they even do this at apt complexes and trailer parks. I know this for a fact about hotels.

Do police come to your house to arrest you if probation has been violated?


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