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No. Some do, but some don't.

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There is no specific name, but "right-angled polygon" will suffice.

Many shapes have a right angles. For example, a right angled triangle, square or rectangle all contain at least one right angle. Trapeziums may also contain right angles. Any irregular polygon may also contain a right angle.

A right triangle or a rectangle are polygons that have at least one right angle. There are other quadrilaterals and many irregular polygons that could have at lease one right angle, too. Many of them. Note that a polygon is any planar figure constructed of a finite number of line segments to make a closed figure. By that definition, which is a correct one, the triangle and rectangle are polygons. And a quadrilateral (of which the rectangle is special case) can be constructed with just one right angle, though it will be a bit quirky looking. Once we start adding sides to make different polygons, the game is afoot because so many possibilities exist.

No. Polygons cannot have faces.

No because it can only contain a right angle and two acute angles

equilateral, isosceles, right angle and scalene

when you measure polygons that use right angles, like squares or rectangles.

right-angle triangle has at least one right angle .

A "right angle" is a 90 degree angle, regardless of the shape. A triangle can contain a right angle, therefore a right angle (90*) is the "most" right angle a triangle can have.

The answer to this would be any acute polygon, such as an equilateral triangle. The definition of acute polygons is that no angle in the polygon is greater than or equal to 90 degrees.

how do you draw a quadrangle that has at least 1 right angle.

There is only one regular polygon which contains right angles - this is a square. None of the other regular polygons from 3 sides and upwards has a right angle.

No because it only has a Right angle. It doesn't have an Obtuse angle, or other angles.

only right tringles or HL triangles have at least 1 right angle

absolutley not it is bigger than a right angle 90+

The simple answer is no, not all parallelograms have at least one right angle. However, there are some that do. Rectangles and squares are 'special' parallelograms that all have at least one right angle.

360 degrees & that goes for all polygons

it wouldn't be a rhombus if it had a right angle.

An isosceles right angle triangle fits the description

A right ange is a 90 degree angle. Within a 90 degree angle, there is only one 90 degree angle, and therefore only one right angle.

While an octagon may contain right angles, the shape itself is not an angle but a polygon.

All polygons can have right angles except for circle and ovulated shapes. The only 'regular polygon' that has a right angle is the quadrilateral.

Any polygon with 5 sides or more or a trapezoid that doesn't have a right angle in it or a kite that is not a square.

There are lots of polygons like that. If by 1 right angle, you mean exactly 1 right angle, there are no such quadrilaterals, but there are pentagons (in fact n-gons for all n>=5.)

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