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Do porcelain crowns on front teeth look natural?

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Yes they do and they are "caps" (crowns are for the molars.) I just spent $12,000 on my teeth and had the front ones capped as well as the bottom front and the rest bonded. You can't tell they aren't your real teeth. Remember, even though the teeth are capped you have to go in for dental check-ups because you can still get cavities.

2006-09-07 05:47:31
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How do you clean porcelain crowns?

Porcelain crowns should be cleaned just like your natural teeth: with toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash.

Best type of dental crowns for front teeth?

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are not ideal for front teeth because they do not have the same esthetics as natural teeth (the metal on the inside, which is added for strength, does not allow light to pass through the crown like it would on a natural tooth, so these crowns look more opaque). Also, as the gums recede, you may see the edge of where the crown meets the tooth, and a black metal line may appear. All ceramic (porcelain) crowns are great for front teeth, because you can get really good esthetics. However, they are not as strong as natural teeth. So if you tend to grind your teeth, you may break the porcelain. A new kind of metal, Zicronia, is white, so you don't get the same problems as with the metal in typical PFM crowns. Emax and Lava are two types of zirconia crowns that are very nice looking.

Why can't porcelain veneers and crowns be bleached?

They aren't porous like natural teeth which have 'rods' that the tooth breathes with.

What can you use to clean porcelain teeth?

how can i clean my porclien teeth or n crowns

My friend suggested that I'll have my dentist get me an all-ceramic or all-porcelain dental crowns' What do you think' Should I proceed with that or can I just get a metal crown instead?

All-ceramic or all-porcelain dental crowns provide the best natural color match than any other crown type and may be more suitable for people with metal allergies. However, they are not as strong as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and they wear down opposing teeth a little more than metal or resin crowns. All-ceramic crowns are a good choice for front teeth.

What is the crown marking on porcelain?

crown marking ? any type of dental crowns would have to be shaped like our natural teeth. There are 2 types of porcelain crowns. the first being porcelain fused metal crowns and secondly an all porcelain crown. The only difference between the two is that for a porcelain fuse metal crown, the metal can usually be seen as a line at the neck of the crown. Try this article on porcelain crown, there is a detail explanation there.

Do porcelain crowns stain?

yes, eventually 'All porcelain' crowns do not generally stain or fade. 'Porcelain fused to metal' crowns might show a dark line near the gum after time. In rare cases the porcelain can pick up staining from poor oral hygiene or from heavy use of red wine tobacco cola etc. but is easily polished off with the correct dental tools. Porcelain does not stain as it is not porous like natural teeth.

How can i whiten my crowns?

Sorry, you can;t whiten a crown. Unfortunately some crowns are made of gold or part gold part other precious metal, which obviously can't be whitened. White crowns, or porcelain crowns are baked porcelain, which is a set color that goes down the entire depth of the crown. Your natural teeth whiten because bleaching removes stain on your teeth, the crowns can't whiten, because their color is intrinsic to the material that they are made of. In order to whiten a crown you need to replace it.

Do porcelain crowns fuse to the teeth better than gold?

Porcelain and gold crowns do not fuse to the teeth. They are attached by either mechanical contact or some glue. As far as i know special cements like the glass ionomer can fuse with the dentin layer.

How long do dental gold crowns last?

Dental gold crowns can last for decades. I've personally seen some last over forty years. In general, porcelain-fused-to-metal or all-porcelain crowns do not last as long a gold crowns. A goal for dental providers is to be able to place a crown that will last at least ten years. This is considered a adequate lifespan of a crown. Most crowns will last longer than this but gold has the best track-record for longevity. One reason gold lasts longer is because it is more forgiving to the chewing forces created in the mouth. Porcelain is more brittle and can fracture, whereas gold is malleable and can change shape to accommodate the force rather than fracture. Gold crowns are often recommended for back teeth which actually bear higher chewing stresses when compared to front teeth. Porcelain is opted for when aesthetics is a concern. This is why porcelain is generally recommended for teeth closer to the front. They look more like real teeth and they can last a long time when they aren't under a lot of chewing stress.

What are the pros and cons to porcelain veneers over caps?

Porcelain veneers remove less enamel from the teeth and are preferrable when you are covering discolorations and small imperfections in the teeth. They are not designed for teeth that are not healthy. On the other hand, caps (or crowns) are stronger and more durable and will work on teeth that are not as healthy.

Is it ok to have a dental brace who have porcelaine jacket in front teeth?

Dental braces with a porcelain jacket in the front teeth is perfectly acceptable and very common. The only disadvantage is how easily the porcelain can be broken.

What are porcelain veneer teeth used for?

Porcelain veneers are a way to cover teeth yet still make them look natural. Veneers are a thin coating that are glued or bonded to the outer side of your teeth.

How do primary teeth differ from secondary teeth?

primary teeth have shorter clinical crownsprimary teeth have thinner layers of enamel and dentinthe roots of front primary teeth are narrowerCompared to their crowns, primary tooth roots are Longer and more slender

How much should it cost to get a crown for a lower back tooth in Mexico?

1. Metal porcelain-This type of crowns is an all purpose crown. It's strong enough to be used for, individual crowns, as well as bridges, for any teeth. $175 Dls. US, 24 hrs Non Metal 2. Bellglass - Is a resin and glass material, translucent, natural looking made the same color of your natural teeth. $250.00 dls. each Made in 4 hrs. or less 3. Empress - Pure Porcelain crowns, natural looking, translusant, $260.00 dls. Made in 24 hrs. or less 4. Zircon Crowns- This type of crown is the best made today. Strong enough to use over long spanning bridges as well as crowns. And look great. Natural look and feel. $400.00 dls. each. tooth. 4-5 days

Can you chew gum with crowns?

you really shouldnt if the crowns go lose htye could fal off with the gum, but if you chew it with your front teeth you will be fine

Is teeth whitening for everyone?

It is safe to get your teeth whitened if you have crowns and fillings. Your natural teeth will whiten but not your artificial ones. If you get your teeth not match your crowns or filling. So be careful if you can see your crown or fillings. I would think twice about doing it. Consulting a professional will help you decide.

Are porcelain veneers bad?

Actually, porcelain veneers are a great way to fix a number of problems with your teeth! Porcelain veneers can protect damaged teeth, fix chipped teeth, and even "close" gaps and "straighten" your teeth. Of course, it would be optimal to not need veneers at all - but if you have a situation that calls for veneers, they are an excellent option (especially porcelain veneers, as they do a much better job emulating the look of natural teeth than resin veneers).

What cleans dental crowns?

Crowns should be cared for just like your natural teeth. A toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash should keep them beautiful for years to come.

Your dentist is already talking about crowns for you- only 20 years old but you have had a ton of cavities-recovering bulimic- What should you do about your teeth just save the money and get dentures?

If your teeth can be saved with crowns, you probably ought to get the crowns. Dentures are not nearly as functional as natural teeth or crowns. They will tend to become loose and need to be replaced over time. Dentures are really a choice of last resort.

Why do teeth whiteners not work on porcelain crowns?

The brightness of a tooth is a function of how light is reflected off the enamel. Whitening agents work by dehydrating the enamel, that is, by removing moisture on a molecular level from within the enamel. This increases the amount of light that is reflected off the tooth, and therefore it makes them appear whiter. There is no indication at this time that this is harmful to the teeth in the long term, however, some people will experience an increase in temperature sensitivity when they whiten their teeth. Porcelain crowns and tooth-colored fillings do not bleach because the agents cannot remove moisture from them as they do with natural enamel. Over time, the moisture will return to the enamel, and the whitening process will have to be repeated to maintain the new whiteness of the teeth.

What will teeth whitening not do?

Furthermore, bleaching will not change the color of tooth-colored fillings, dentures, crowns, porcelain restorations, bonding, or other material used to restore or replace a tooth.

If you have full set of teeth on top can you where dentures on bottom?

Yes you can but I would stay away from porcelain teeth on that lower denture. They have a tendency to really wear away your natural teeth. Get good quality acrylic teeth for your denture and they will not devastate your opposing natural teeth quite as bad if at all.

Can having tooth crowns installed on upper front teeth cause symptoms of vertigo hearing loss and tinnitus in one ear only?

I have 2 crowns on my top two teeth, but no problems. You should talk to your doctor or dentist about the possibilities of a connection.

You had to get bonding done on one of your teeth you were wondering can you still use whitening products on your teeth?

Only natural tooth surfaces can be whitened. The color of the white resin used for bondings will also change color in time. The fillings material will need to de changed, to match your whitened teeth. Porcelain crowns bridged and veneers will not stain. 'You might concider one of these options. Here in Mexico the cost is from $175.00 metal porcelain 280 Empress and 400.00 Dls. US.for zirconian crown.