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Do propane canisters expire?

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Yes. There should be a date stamp.

2006-08-31 03:45:03
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there good if you strap 15 canisters of propane to it and then throw a baby at the propane canister

Can you travel with disposable propane canisters?

On a plane? No. They won't let lighters on a plane and wouldn't let something like that.

Where to find apple shaped canisters?

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What gas do cookers use?

home cookers use methane supplied in gas form. portable stoves can use ethane, propane or, most commonly, butane which is stored in liquid form inside the canisters

Are microfiltrated canisters better for my health?

If you're looking for good health, then consider HEPA filtered canisters.

What is the difference between FoodSaver canisters and tilia FoodSaver canisters?

Nothing, they are one in the same. Tilia makes the Foodsaver

Do quit claim deeds expire?

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Can propane canisters such as Coleman makes for camp stoves be used on ventless propane fireplaces?

YES, you could use those little tanks for a fireplace (providing you have the proper adapter and gas regulator. BUT it won't work for more than a couple hours. The BTU output is to great for such a small canister and the pressure drop causing carbon monoxide (from the fireplace).

How much does it cost to purchase tea coffee sugar canisters?

Canisters for tea, coffee, and sugar can be purchased at both physical stores such as Target or Walmart, and online sites such as Amazon and eBay. These canisters can be purchased from $4 to $40.

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Where can I go online to find canisters for my kitchen?

You can find canisters for your kitchen on the following site: They have an awesome selection!

How do you go completely propane?

Propane stove. Propane water heater. Propane fridge. Propane heater. Propane gas lights. Propane generator w/storage cells for electric use. Propane A/C units (not cheap, but have long life.)

Can chocolate expire?

Yes, anything with an expire can and will expire.

Do propane grills take a certain grade of propane?

Most propane grills use a general propane that can be bought in any store. Portable propane grills often come with their own propane tank, therefore making there be no need to choose your own propane.

Where is the date stamp on a 20lb propane tank?

on the upper steel handle in the format mm-yy = 09-04 the question remains is how long is it good for. The stamp is the mfg date note the expire date.

Where can I find kitchen canisters that don't contain plastic I want the sugar and flour to stay fresh but I think the plastic leaves a taste.?

There are numerous options for kitchen canisters that are not made of plastic. You'll find ceramic and stainless steel canisters at a variety of online merchants.

Is propane renewable?

propane is nonrenewable

Is propane a compound?

Propane is a compound.

Is propane reusable?

propane is not reusable!!

What is the color of propane?

Propane has not a color.

Is propane a lipid?

No. Propane is a hydrocarbon.

What is the scientific name for propane?


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