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Not at all. But depends on what brand you are using. If it is pure protein then it has no side effects. If it contains creatine or any other substance which may cause side effects then it maybe harmful. But same as creatine or any other supplement you need to drink more water even if you are eating more meals in a day then also you need to drink more water.

If you are drinking sufficient amount of water with your whey protein then it is even more safer than milk.

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One more thing to remember that you should know daily limit of protein you need. If you are working out or going to gym and want to develop muscles then you need 1gram protein for 1 pound weight it means if your weight is 150 pounds then you need 150 grams of protein. If you are not doing any exercise then you only need half protein from your body weight per pound. If your weight is 150 pounds and you are not doing any intense work then you only need 75 gram protein, Which can easily be taken by 4 to 5 meals daily.

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If you are using natural products then definitely you'll not face any side effects. Go online and order natural vegan protein supplements NATURAL NUTRITION PROTEIN MIX. It boosts immunity and energizes mental activities and cognitive coherence. For more details visit and explore the section shop by concern

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Assuming that you're consuming a normal amount of protein and are otherwise healthy and normal, supplements will not have any unwanted side effects. Protein supplements are not a complete dietary replacement. Excessive consumption of protein (300+ grams a day) can have unwanted side effects in the kidney and liver.

(see link below)

Always remember that too much is always bad for our in taking too much protein will harm you too. why don't you add organic food on your diet, it has natural substance that can make you healthy.

Some may had side effects depending on the source of the protein

First consideration is what kind of other stuff is in the protein supplement. Some are full of sugar, and strange artificial ingredients. Does it has artificial sweeteners, artificial flavorings, hidden MSG, etc...

Generally the less ingredients the better, and unless you know it's a good product then go with something plain and made your own drink/smoothie out of it.

Soy protein - heavily processed food, no long resembles true soy protein or anything natural. Unless you know it's a good company I'd just avoid the soy due to heavy processing, and allergenic potential.

Whey protein - also heavily processed except from a few sources that process why from unheated milk. Dr. Mercola sells a truly high quality protein powder from whey on his site (some other professional companies such as Designs For Health also are high quality, but those are only available through health care professionals).

Hemp protein: if you use it please leave in freezer after opening, the omega-3's quickly become rancid in heat. The powder won't freeze in the freezer, as it has not water in it.

There are some plain rice proteins on the market.

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Q: Do protein supplements have any side effects?
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Does protein supplements have any side effects on heart?

no it just kills you strait away

What is a good protein supplement without any nasty side effects also could you list some protein supplements for me please and also how do you consume protein supplements?

creatine and 4 protein fish

Are there any side effects of taking a protein supplement?

Taking protein supplements are very good if they are natural and the only side effect could be nausea and liver damage from way too much protein.

Are there any side effects to taking HCG supplements?

HCG supplements can lead to numerous side effects, as the optimal dosage of this hormone is not known. You should consult with a physician to determine whether HCG is right for you.

Will supplements for bodybuilding have any side-effects?

Well, it really depends. But if you are fully depend upon the supplements then you need to follow proper diets and the exercises. And excess of everything has its side effects. But if you are really keen then take the supplements in a proportionate way and maintain a proper diet and take the help of the gym instructor.

Does the amway product Nutrilite Protein have any side effects?


What are the risks of taking potassium supplements?

The risks of taking potassium supplements really depends on your skin type, body type, blood type, and many other preferences. Go to your local doctor to check if you will activate any side effects for potassium supplements. Main side effects would be dizziness, diarrhea, and stomach irritation.

What are some side effects of herbal supplements for weight loss?

While herbal supplements can help weight loss they can also cause side effects. Some of these are dizziness, headaches, stomach aches and loss of balance. If you have any of these symptoms by all means stop immediately and seek medical attention.

Are there any side effects to hyaluronic acid?

I've taken hyaluronic acid for four years for arthritic hands. (That's not what I started taking it for but that is the result.) I have had no side effects. I don't take any other drugs or supplements except a multi-vitamin with minerals.

What are some good workout supplements?

I don't know about any supplements for working out. Personally I wouldn't use supplements for working out because there are serious side effects. If you wanted to find out that information. You would have to visit a GNC store.

Where can I get some high protein supplements?

Depending on where you live, you can buy great high protein supplements at any of your local vitamin shops and stores. If you want the best possible workouts with the best high protein supplements, you can also find these supplements online at,, and other sites.

Nutritional Supplements for Dieters?

There are many nutritional supplements on the market for people who are trying to lose weight. These supplements may include protein powders or shakes, vitamins, fat burners, energy drinks or prepackaged snack products. Many of these supplements claim to be formulated specifically to help with weight loss efforts. Do some research to find out what supplements might actually be useful to your body and your specific situation. Also spend some time researching any potential side effects or interactions with other substances. It is always wise to check with your doctor before adding any type of medication, including vitamins and supplements.

Does protein suppliments have any side effects?

it depends upon the total does taken ,if it exceed then hyperproteinemia can occurs.

Can a person take protein powder regularly all their life without any side effects?

No. Excessive consumption of protein powder may result in muscle growth.

Is it all right for a 13 year old to be using protein supplements?

No. You shouldn't start using any form of supplements until after puberty.

Do Accumass weight-gain supplements really help to gain weight without causing any side effects?

Hey don't intake any supplements or vitamins to gaining your weight otherwise it may lead to a lot of side effects which also reduces your immunity power. So, eat healthy diet including green vegetables, dairy products, fresh fruits, nuts & other more protein foods.

Is whey protein used for body builders has any side effects?

Mainly helps in muscle build, which causes weight gain.

What supplements will increase body mass?

* From what I know, creatine is the best supplement to use. One of my friends has used it and it has worked well for him. You need to eat a lot of protein for it to take effect. If you take it and don't exercise it can cause you to gain a lot of weight, so make sure you actually exercise. * The supplements like legal steroids which has no side effects on body that are the good body supplements. Now a days there is a too much craze on bodybuilding and for that someone take steroids and someone do any thing else. So, Legal steroids which is good for person is good supplements.

What are the side effects of magnisium?

side effects? there isn't any

What Is the Side Effects Of Malunggay?

are there any side effects of malunggays capsules? does it interact with any medicatiosn?

Are there any side effects from taking fish oil?

The benefits of fish oil are well known but fish oil side effects can and do occur when too many supplements are taken. Examples included slightly reduced blood pressure, upper respiratory tract swelling, vitamin toxicity and stomach and gastrointestinal upset.

What are the best protein supplements for bodybuilding?

First speak to your trainer and physician on what supplements they would recommend for your body. Do not take just any supplement without researching the ingredients thoroughly and what effects it might have on your body. is an excellent website that informs you on what type of supplement needed for certain types of body building. They show informational videos and detailed product information on the different vitamins and supplements available.

If we take spum daily any side effects?

No side effects.

Are there any advantages of taking African mango supplements to help with bodybuilding?

No, I don't think there are any advantages of taking African mango supplements to help with bodybuilding. However, if the supplement is a protein supplement then yes it will help.

Does the Body Tone TABLET have any side effects?

No- if used according to the directions, it does not have any unpleasant side effects.

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