Do pumpkins grow in Florida?

Florida pumpkin growing is very difficult. The heat and high insect and disease pressure make it a hit or miss affair at best.

Several tips are.

Do not water the foliage. Water the plants through a soaker system, or some type of flood system that will allow the leaves to remain dry. If wilting is a problem from the heat, a misting system is recommended, but must be shut off early enough for the plants to dry off before nightfall.

Practice a religious fungicide and insectice spray program. Spray in the evening at dusk, never in the morning, and use the smallest recommended dosages. Pumpkins in Florida are very susceptible to leaf burn from chemicals due to the high heat and intense sun conditions.

A shade structure for the entire plant is very beneficial. Greenhouse grade shade cloth, of about 30% light blockage is a very good idea.

Be very careful of using Florida well water. It is very often high in many minerals that over time can reach toxic level with pumpkins. Have your well water tested, never use water from a softening system to irrigate, and if necessary, install a filter for your irrigation.

Floridas growing season is different than up north.

For best results, plant in late Feb, or in August to take adavantage of the milder weather.