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Believe it or not the best exercise to lose chest fat is not about working out the muscles in your chest. A good diet, swimming, and aerobics will do just fine.

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Q: Do pushups help with losing chest fat?
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I am thirteen and my chest is flat literally you can see the bone and I was wondering if there is a way to get pecs?

get fat then do pushups

What is a quick way to lose chest fat?

Short of liposuction there is no way of losing fat locally, whatever the commercials are telling you. Give up the sodas, the beers and everything deep fried, and try to do something that keeps your heart rate elevated for one hour each day. Oh, and strength exercises focusing on the chest(pushups ASO) will help give some contours to your chest even if you have some subcutaneous fat left.

Were online can I find information on how to loss fat from my chest?

The internet is full of sites that will show you detailed chest workout that will help you not only lose fat but will also help you turn that fat into muscle. For example both Men's Health and Men's Fitness magazine has a page devoted to helping you lose that fat on your chest. Also on You tube if you search for chest workouts you will find hundreds of videos that will help you lose that chest fat.

Will losing belly fat help with my sleep apnea?

Yes, losing belly fat will help with your sleep apnea. Losing the belly fat will help your body relax and be able to sleep better. Perhaps you might have some stress issues as well that may cause it to worsen.

What is low fat?

low fat is a food with a low fat content. some use these foods to help with losing weight and for diets.

What are some tips for losing belly fat?

Some tips for losing belly fat includes exercise such as walking, running, sit ups, stretching. Food choices are important to losing belly fat and not eating saturated fats and refined sugars will help.

If a child is trying to lose weight what exercises should they do?

pushups and running. running to get rid of the weight and pushups to encourage your fat burning system

Does a sweat belt help loose stomach fat?

No, sweat belts only make you lose water weight. Its a common misconception that they help with losing stomach fat though.

Can running help with fat reduction of the hips and thighs?

If you choose to pick running up as an exercise, it could greatly help your legs out by losing fat there and gaining more muscle.

How can you get rid of fat rolls under your arms?

There are many ways in which you can get rid of fat rolls under your arms. You can do pushups for example.

Are pushups a good exercise to work off a fat stomach?

No, pushups will tone your biceps, triceps and pectoral muscles. To burn stomach fat, you need to diet. Abdominal exercises such as crunches or situps will tone the stomach muscles.

Can you lose your fat chest by running?

it depends on how much fat is on your chest. my answer would be to run everyday as much as you can.

How do you lose stomach fat without losing body fat?

You can't target fat loss to a certain part of your body. Yes you can focus more on a certain part, like doing crunches and other ab workouts to focus on your belly region, which will strengthen your core muscles and help you lose fat faster. But, if you're losing fat from that area, then you're losing fat from other areas of your body as well. If you have unwanted fats in your body, try losing it and build muscles instead.

What to do to reduce the size of the chest. what to do to reduce chest fat?

Exercise exercise exercise! If fat loss if your goal, then cardiovascular activity is absolutely essential. You will lose over all fat, including chest fat, if you do cardio. You can and should incorporate weight training, particularly for large muscle areas like legs, because the more muscle you have the more overall fat you will burn. Obviously doing chest exercises will help tone the muscles in your chest as well, but it is a myth that spot targeting an area will increase FAT loss in that area. It's just not true.

Do push ups burn fat?

Push ups help to build muscle. Muscle increases your metabolism and uses some of the calories that would be stored as fat for fuel instead. Doing pushups is never a bad idea and will always help you become more fit.

Does cross country help you to lose body fat?

Cross country running or skiing are both great options for losing body fat. These exercises help you to get all of your muscles working together.

I need help losing some belly fat and replacing it with muscle What are some exercises to help me with that problem?

Sit up is an example of exercise that you can do in order to lose some belly fat and replace it with muscle.

Why do men get muscle on his chest like a woman?

Everyone has muscles on their chest. Those muscles are there to help you breathe. They help your chest expand and contract when you breathe. If you are an athlete or an opera singer, you need all the air in your lungs you can get. In your training, you develop chest muscles. The fat lady in the opera, is not all fat. She has tremendous chest muscles because she has developed her lung capacity. She can hold a note and go without breathing much longer than an average person.

Can you lose fat in your mono pubis with out surgery?

No,coz surgery is about operation and losing blood but not losing fat without surgery,fat is somthing that gained in our body

How do you reduce upper arm fat without using weights?

Strength training-pushups would be great.

Can you lose weight if you do push-ups?

Yes. Roughly 11,000 pushups will burn one pound of fat.

How do you lose belly and chest fat?


Dite to reduce man' excess chest fat?

Answer by MobileKing : If you're wondering how to lose chest fat, this list of chest exercises in order of effectiveness can come in handy: 1. Push Ups - The classic push-up exercise is a great way to reduce chest fat. It may not bulk you up like a gym workout, but it gets the chest flatter and firmer. Make sure to alternate between straight push-ups, push-ups with elevated feet, and elevated hands push-ups to get a full chest workout. 2. Dumbell chest press - The chest press is an excellent routine, though men with excessive chest fat need to make sure that they don't bulk up because your initial goal is to reduce fat and not to build muscle which will sit on top of that fat. Do sets with many repetitions (15-20) and make sure to work with a straight, decline and incline angles. 3. Barbell chest press - The barbell chest press is similar to the dumbell chest press but I find it to be slightly less effective than with the dumbells. However, it is also an excellent exercise for losing chest fat. 4. The chest flies - The chest flies routine works the chest muscles differently than the chest press and push-up as it involves a cross over motion. Even though by itself it's not as effective at burning chest fat as the others, I still recommend doing it as it completes the chest workout. All of these chest exercises are great, and you should incorporate all of them into your routine. The push up is the most effective while the flies is the least.

Does interval workout take away chest fat?

Yes, interval workout can take away chest fat but not as well as long distance running

Is it possible to lose all of my abdominal and chest fat in two months with a good diet and consistent cardio?

good diet and consistent cardio will absolutely help in losing abdominal fat. how much fat you have to lose and how "good" your diet is are major factors in the success of your 2 month goal. no question that exercise and proper eating can and will cause you to lose fat. its really about the math: calories in , calories out. adding resistance training into your regimen will help you gain lean muscle tissue which increases your resting metabolic rate. intensity and consistency is the key !