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Rabbits can and do eat apple because rabbits usually have a sweet tooth and they love apple and other fruits, but they should eat it only as a treat or else they will likely become ill. Wild rabbits do not eat apple or other fruit on a regular basis. Too many treats can lead to a variety of illnesses in rabbits. If you want to feed your rabbit a treat, a small bite or two of apple every few days should probably be fine, so long as your rabbit is also healthy and eating a balanced diet. See the related question below for more info and helpful links about the rabbit diet. Apple seeds are toxic to rabbits, so always remove them beforehand; rabbits should never eat apple seeds -- it can make them very sick.

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Q: Do rabbits eat apples?
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Can rabbits eat apple skins?

Yes rabbits do eat apples and apple skin i always feed my bunny apples cause it loves them with the skin

Can baby rabbits eat apples twig?

Yes they can,they could eat apples, but not leaves.(in cause of death)

I have 3 apples and two rabbits. A rabbit ate an apple and I added one. The rabbits ate one each how many apples did the rabbits eat together?

3 apples

Do bunnies eat apples?

Yes, rabbits can eat apples but they should never eat the apple seeds, it can make them very sick.

What can pet rabbits eat?

They eat grass, hay, apples, carrots, and pellets.

What animals can eat crab apples?

Many rodents eat crab apples. Deer, rabbits, raccoons, and other plant eating animals eat crab apples. Other creatures eat crab apples too, like worms.

What kind of fruits and vegetables can rabbits eat?

They can eat apples but after apples they poo allot. They can also eat carrots and cabbage they eat it because they somehow know that its healthy food.

What 5 things can rabbits eat?

~Pellets ~Carrots ~Celery ~Lettuce ~Apples

Can rabbits eat crab apples?

In VERY sparing amounts as a treat ONLY.

What foods are good to feed rabbits?

Rabbits are best to have food pellets and can also eat carrots, apples and dandelion leaves.

How do bunnies eat apples?

Rabbits eat apples with their teeth, but apples are not a regular part of a rabbit's diet. Pet rabbits should only be offered apple as a treat (one or two bites every day or two is enough). See the related question below for more details.

What eats apples?

rabbits and horses apples

What are some specific foods that rabbits eat?

Hay, grass, pellets, apples, pears, bananas, turnips, broccoli, carrots, and cabbages (only some types should be given to rabbits).

What attracts rabbits?

Rabbits tend to like apples.

Why can rabbits not eat apples with seeds?

Apple seeds are toxic to rabbits and many animals. Apple seeds contain a cyanide compound -- this is what makes them poisonous.

A list of foods that animals can eat?

Animals do eat these: Bears:Bears eat fish, rabbits, pigs, anything with meat in it.Rabbits:Rabbits eat carrots, lettuce, and mostly any veggies.Penguins:Penguins only eat fish.Horses:Horses eat carrots, apples, sugar cubes, hay, and grass.

Can Dutch rabbits eat apples?

yes, all rabbit breeds can eat the same foods

Do Netherland bunnies eat apples?

All rabbits will eat apples but care should be taken to only give a small portion as a treat once in awhile. Too much fruit will make a rabbit ill (e.g. diarrhea). See the related question below for more details and links about the rabbit diet (Netherland rabbits eat the same foods as all pet rabbits).

What do farmed pigs eat?

hay that stuff that looks like barf or maybe those little pelets that rabbits eat and i think apples

Are apples bad for rabbits?

Apples are unhealthy for rabbits if the rabbits eat a lot of them. Apples are a good treat food for rabbits. Apple seeds are toxic to rabbits, so always remove them beforehand. So long as the rabbit is healthy and eating a balanced diet, a bite or two of apple every few days shouldn't cause any problems. See the related question below for more info and helpful links about the rabbit diet.

What els do rabbits eat?

Rabbits can eat carrots, bananas (every once in a while) apples tomatoes and a lot of other fruits and vegies. I wouldn't give them lettuce though because it gives them diarrhea. Hope that helped! :)

Can short-haired bunnies eat crab apples?

Short-haired bunnies can eat and not eat all the exact same things as other pet rabbits. Rabbits can eat crab apples, although like all fruits and most veg (like carrot), crab apples are only okay as occasional treats. The House Rabbit Society recommends no more than 2 tablespoons of fruit daily for a normal, healthy 6 pound rabbit.

What animal eats apples?

Rabbits and horses do

Can you eat rabbits?

yes you can eat rabbits.

When do rabbits eat?

Rabbits eat all the time (24 seven) they should be fed 2 times a day. There diet should have a good variety of dry food (rabbit/bunny mix) and vegetables (lettuce, apples, grass etc)