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Raptor means bird of prey. Like all birds, raptors have feathers.

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Why do raptors have oily feathers?

so it can live.

What dinosaur had feathers?

Many small theropod (two-legged/carnivorous) dinosaurs had feathers. This includes the raptors.

What is the use of the raptors oily feathers?

The use of it is to water proving the feathers and keeping the muscles in the body warm

What kinnd of hawks that are white as babies?

Most young raptors are covered with white down feathers.

How many feathers do owls have?

Most owl species in North America and other non-tropical areas have over 20,000 feathers. They have twice as many as other birds of prey which average about 10,000 feathers. Birds have up to five feather. Unlike most raptors, many owls have feathers on their legs and toes.

According to the theory of evolution the feathers on a sparrow evoloved from?

Scales of a theropod dinosaur, or 'raptors'. Possibly those all had feathers already, which would make them descended from scales on earlier dinosaurs or other reptile groups. In dinosaurs, feathers were likely used for display and warmth, flight came later.

What animals are found in an owl pellet ecosystem?

Owl pellets are masses of bone , teethv,hair ,feathers and exoskeletons of preyed upon by raptors or birds prey.

Who is better the Raptors or the Bulls?


How do raptors fly?

They fly like other birds.. tail spread out, and wings flapping if the air is still. But if it isn't, like on a thermal, a gust of blowing winds, the bird can soar through the air, the wind pushing it. Raptors have hollow bones and feathers, making them light. This is how they fly.

What is the number raptors that eat meat?

Raptors by definition eat meat. All raptors eat meat.

Where did eagles origenate from?

eagles are the decendants of raptors. they both share the same bone structure and they both have feathers. raptors, primarily the velociraptor had feathersl non-flight feathers. the latin term raptor means bird of prey. todays birds of prey include eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures, and owls. which are decendants of most predatorial bipedal dinosaurs, and also a few plant eating dinosaur such as the ostrich's decendants, the ornithomimids.

Raptors is an anagram for which group of birds?

Parrots is the anagram for raptors.

When was Toronto Raptors created?

Toronto Raptors was created in 1995.

What year did the Toronto raptors start?

The Toronto Raptors started in 1995

What are the Toronto Raptors Team Records?

The Raptors entered the nba in 1995

What evidence suggests that birds evolved from reptiles?

Raptors or beast-footed dinosaurs had claws similar to the claws of birds. Both birds and reptiles have scales. Transitional species like archaeopteryx had feathers.

Why are hawks also called raptors?

hawks are called raptors because hawk kill with their talons. Raptors are birds that kill with there feet/talons.

What are the little black birds i have in my yard called that are eating the sparrows?

There are many birds that eat other birds, Most of them lie in a group called Raptors. Raptors are predatory birds such as Falcons, owls, Eagles and vultures. They have sharp talons (nails), downward beaks and specialized feathers that help the bird to swoop down quietly, grab the small mammal/bird and secure it in its beak. Be careful of raptors for they may harm you as they may see you as a threat.

How did bird raptors get there name raptors?

From the Latin word, raptor, maning thief.

Where is the Raptors going on January 31 2013?

The Raptors are going to a school in Toronto

Is the red-tailed hawk an omnivore?

No, hawks are raptors and all raptors are carnivores.

Did dinosaurs have feathers?

Recently, feather imprints have been found on the fossilized remains of many dinosaur species, notably the raptors. While Dinosaurs have been traditionally envisioned with scales, it is now believed that at least some dinosaurs, and likely all of the small theropods, had feathers. Dinosaurs like Deinonychus, Utahraptor and Velociraptor had feathers. Some dinosaurs had feathers including, velociraptor, microraptor, oviraptor, therizinosaurus, sinosauropteryx, caudipteryx, anchiornis, dilong, psittacosaurus, beipasaurus, juravenator, archaeopterx, etc.

Did raptors talk?


RAPTORS is an anagram for what group of birds?

The word "raptors" is an anagram of parrots. Parrots are a group of birds.

Did the coach get fired in Toronto raptors?

Yes, Dwayne Casey got fired from the Toronto Raptors.

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