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Yes, much less

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Q: Do reactors produce less air pollution than coal plants?
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Does coal cause noise pollution?

no it does not produce noise pollution

Do geothermal power stations make pollution?

No. Construction equipment used to build the station will burn fossil fuels and produce some pollution. When the station is complete it will produce pollution free electricity. The station will require some electric power from the grid to operate, and some of that electricity may be produced by coal powered plants which do produce pollution, but the geothermal power station will not produce pollution.

Is thermal reactors safe?

yes, thermal nuclear reactors are safer than fossil power plants, dams, solar power, and coal mining.

What behavior can reduce pollution that coal creates?

Coal burning to produce energy will create more pollution unless steps are taken to purify the chemicals released into the atmosphere. Also, some grades of coal are more apt to produce pollution than other types. Using the cleanest coal possible will help the environment. In addition, solar, natural gas, and nuclear power can be used to produce energy. This will decrease the use of coal.

What are the pollution statistics for coal fired power plants?

The statistics for coal fired power plants is that 13000 people are killed each year because of the air pollution caused by the 386000 tons chemical pollutants emitted from the power plants.

Which fuels produce the most air pollution?

It is caused by coal which release carbon monoxide .

Which of the following may be related to air pollution?

discharge from coal-fired power plants.

How efficient are thermal power stations?

Coal fired plants about 40 percent, nuclear reactors (PWR) about 33 percent

How many coal power plants?

There were 1493 coal fueled power plants in the United States in 2006. They produce about 50% of the country's electricity.

What pollution causes the most damage?

You should probably have guessed that large coal-powered factories or plants put out much pollution.

Are there any good things about coal power plants?

It isn't expensive and there is a big supply of it. Coal plants harm the environment though. Mining coal damages the land and water. it is dangerous for the miners. Burning coal produces air pollution.

What power stations produce CO2?

Coal fired power plants,Petroleum power plants,

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