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Q: Do red eye green tree frog's eat frogs?
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Are red eye tree frogs mammals?

No, red eye tree frogs are not mammals.

How many red eyed tree frogs are there?

about 150 red eye tree frogs!!

Does red eye tree frogs have problems?

It's do red eye tree frogs have problems. But no, it is just their eye color. Just like you and me. Look it up.

What type of frog do red eyed tree frogs mate with?

Red eye tree frogs mate with red eye tree frogs just like humans mate with humans and not dogs or cats (at least they're not supposed to...)

Do red eyed tree frogs live with gray tree frogs?

No. Red-eye tree frogs live in Central/South America, by hassan

Can you hold a red eye tree frog?

Yes,you can hold red eye tree frogs.

What can red eye tree frogs do that other frogs cant do?

well red eyed tree frogs can see farther....and they can spot there prey faster..

Are there red eye tree frogs in Australia?


Are red eye tree frogs native to Australia?

Yes, Red Eyed Tree Frogs are native to eastern Australia.

What is the coolest reptile?

The coolest reptile is a red eye tree frog because they are the only frogs that have red eyes. snakes are cool but red eye tree frogs are better

What does the red eyed tree frog eat?

The Red Eyed Tree Frog eats flies, moths, smaller frogs, and crickets.It eats meat it mostly eats insects and sometimes eats other small frogsIf you feed it crickets make sure they are gut loaded cricketsRed eye tree froges eat crickets and meal worms!!well, its a carnivore ,yes,CARNIVORE! it eats otherThe red eyed tree frog eats bugs and also smaller frogs.Red eyed tree frogs mainly eat insects, snails, and slugs, but their favorite food would probably be moths. Larger frogs can eat larger prey, such as small lizards and small eye tree frogs eat beesThey are carnivores (meat eaters) and will usually eat any small insect aslong as its alive and moving. They also eat invertebrates and other small frogs! ;) hope this helped!!Like most frogs...they will eat fly's, moths grasshoppers, and possibly other small frogs. Crickets tooCrickets and bugs a red eyed tree frogs prey is a cricket, fly, fruit fly and smaller frogsInsects of many types... they eat flys and bugs and stuff.

What does the red eye tree frogs do in the winter?

red eye tree frogs actually live in rain forests where there isn't a very cold winter because it is near the equator so the red eye tree frog just continues its normal business

What can you put with a big eyed tree frog?

The pet shop where i got my big eye housed whites tree frogs with the Big Eyed tree frogs, so you could probably put whites tree frogs with them.

Are red eye tree frogs dangered animals?


Who eats red eye tree frogs?


Do red eye tree frogs lay eggs?

yes, all frogs lay eggs.

What domain is a red eye tree frog in?

Since red eye tree frogs are animals, they are in the domain Eukaryote.

What are two animals that live in the rainforests that eat red eye treefrogs?

HUMANS!We kill red-eyed tree frogs by cutting down there homes.

What are the red eye tree frogs natural habitat?

a creak

Are red eye tree frogs coming extinct?


Do red eye tree frogs have a back bone?


What does red eye tree frogs p oo look like?


Do red eye tree frogs have lungs?

Yes they do.

What animals prey on the red eyed tree frog?

Snakes is a good example of what preys on Red eye tree frogs.

Which kinds of animals live in wetlands?

# the animal that live in wetland are barred,mosquito,alligator,moose,green tree frogs,big brown eye.Alligators, snakes, frogs, hippos, leeches, and many types of birds and insects, it all depends on where this wetland is located.