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Do reptiles excrete uric acid?

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Q: Do reptiles excrete uric acid?
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Related Questions

How do reptiles excrete waste?

They excrete faeces and uric acid from their cloaca.

What do birds reptiles and insects excrete?

Uric Acid

How do Reptiles Remain homeostasis?

reptiles excrete their nitrogenous wastes in the form of uric acid which requires only 1ml of water to excrete 1g of uric acid. in this way they conserve water and maintain homeostasis.

What compounds do birds reptiles and insects excrete?

The compounds that birds, reptiles, and insects excrete is uric acid and salts. This combination is also known as urates.

What compound do birds insects and reptiles living in dry habitats excrete How does this help them conserve water?

Birds, insects, and reptiles living in dry habitats typically excrete uric acid. Uric acid can be excreted while the water in the urine is reabsorbed.

What do lizards excrete?

lizards excrete uric acid

Do insects secrete uric acid?

Insects excrete uric acid as a metabolic residue.

How do insects excrete nitrogenous waste?

uric acid

What do kidneys excrete?

Kidneys excrete urea which is a less concentrated form of uric acid and toxic waste .

Does snake excrete or defecate?

Both. They excrete solid uric acid, and defecate undigested fur from their food.

How do birds insects and reptiles conserve water by excreteing uric acid?

Birds, insects and reptiles conserve water by excreting uric acid. This is because the solubility of uric acid in water is poor thus can conserve water easily.

How do crocodiles excrete?

Undigested Wastes are eliminated by cloaca, the kidneys are highly efficient at conserving water. Reptiles dry their urine into a thick paste of uric acid, that is then rid of.

Which organism produces uric acid?

Reptiles and birds

Reptiles excrete their nitrogen waste in the form of?

Uric acid diluted with water as urine. It is better than excreating it as urea because it is less toxic and requires little water.

How does uric acid help birds insects and reptiles conserve water?

Uric acid helps animals like birds, insects and reptiles conserve water. High levels of uric acid means that water is being returned to cells and is not expelled in the urine.

Do amphibians excrete uric acid?

No. Urea is generally excreted by MOST adult amphibians.

How do lizards urinate?

They dont urinate. They excrete urea in the form of uric acid with the stool.

Excreting nitrogenous waste as uric acid enables an animal to do what?

Excrete more frequently

Why are some invertebrates covered in mucus and excrete uric acid?

to reduce water loss

What is a substance excreted by the kidneys?

The kidneys excrete urea, from protein catabolism, and uric acid, from nucleic acid metabolism.

What 3 things can animals excrete?

Animals excrete a variety of substances through the excretory and respiratory systems. Three things they excrete are carbon dioxide, uric acid, and ammonia.

Birds excrete a concentrated form of nitrogeneous waste known as?

Uric acid in paste form. Energetically more expensive an excretory method, but I forget why they use the uric acid excretion.

What type of waste does the kidney excrete?

The kidney excretes urea, which is a less toxic form of uric acid.

What compounds do birds insects and reptiles living in dry habitats excrete?

The compound is uric acid and its salts which are called urates.They are usually white in color.Hoep this helps you!Read more:

Why excretion of uric acid instead of urea is of greater advantage to birds and reptiles?

its not about advantages, they are designed that way. Uric acid is released by birds and reptiles due to the fact that their excretory system is different compared to humans and aquatic animals