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Do river otters eat beavers?


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Yes Rivers Otters will eat beavers.

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Otters have been known to eat baby beavers, however they will usually avoid an adult beaver.

No, people do not eat river otters... but they do eat the fosh that the otters eat :-).

River otters do. But most otters eat small snakes.

River otters do eat snakes but, only small snakes

Beavers are herbivores, otters are carnivores.

River otters eat fish, crayfish, mice, birds, crabs and whatever else might be available.

River Otters eat them.

River otters mainly eat fish but they will consume frogs, crustaceans, reptiles and small mammals if the opportunity arises.

If you mean what do otters eat, then they eat fish, and shellfish. Also, Giant river otters will occasionally attack a caiman wandering into their territory.

Yes. Otters eat fish, shellfish, crustaceans mainly.

Yes, river otters are considered omnivores. They eat mainly aquatic plantation, but they also frequently eat shellfish they come across.

You seem to have confused otters with beavers.

Alligators, coypus, beavers, frogs, snapping turtles ,fish, and river otters

yes they do eat gold fish

humans do but i would only think they are starving to eat one of those. Believe it or not, alligators. bears,wolves,foxes,coyotes,dogs,river otters and mountain lions

crocodile or alligator, piranha, other cannibalised otters.

That depends on the particular river in question...

it is in danger because wolves,grizzly and black bears eat river otters not any other otter only a RIVER OTTER.OK

no it may be the other way around otters a carnivores ducks are herbivores

they can.... i saw it before

They can but wont necessarily do it often!

Beavers and otters' basic biological differences are distinguished by their different taxonomical orders: Beavers belong to the order Rodentia and otters belong to the order Carnivora. The two animals also have very distinct visual differences: Where beavers are short, stocky and have wide, flat tails, otters are long, slender, and have long tapered tails. Beavers, as rodents, are herbivores, whereas otters are carnivores. Also, beavers live in lodges, whereas otters live in holts.

No. They eat mostly fish but they can also eat rabbits, otters, beavers, deer fawns, geese, ducks, gulls and carrion.

no, but some otters will steal a beavers lodge (the ones beavers live in, dams are the ones they use to block water flow) and live in there.

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