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sometimes because they have to run a long distance would love to be a runner because you can pee whenever you want!

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When to wear diapers?

Babies and young toddlers generally wear diapers.

What kind of diapers does a baby wear in 1825?

cloth diapers cloth diapers

Do lots of girls wear diapers?

No, 99.9% of all the females i know do not wear diapers.

Is it ok to wear diapers as an adult for fun?

If you want to wear diapers, it's up to you.

Can 12 year olds wear diapers?

Yes, 12 year olds can wear diapers.

Is it ok if teens wear diapers?

It is perfectly fine fo teens to wear diapers. They have reached an age of independence if they want to wear diapers let them. But let them change themselves

In petz nursery how do you change their diapers?

petz do not wear diapers

Should you wear adult diapers diapers all day?


Does Dakota Fanning wear diapers?

Dakota Fanning is 14 years old, and yes she does wear diapers.

Can you wear diapers?


Do you wear diapers?


What does cupid wear?


Do more teen boys wear diapers or do more teen girls wear diapers?

i think its about 1 girl to 10 boys wear them.

Can teenagers wear diapers if they don't have a medical problem?

It is not normal for teenagers to wear diapers if they don't have a medical issue.

Do runners wear jock straps?

Yes, many runners do.

Who is more likey to wear diapers as an adult men or women?

It is likely that more women wear adult diapers. Pregnancy and childbirth are significant factors in bladder weakness which may lead to the need to wear diapers.

Can you make your teen sims in sims 3 wear diapers?

Yes, there is a mod that allows all ages to wear diapers.

Is it ok for adults to love to wear diapers?

You are an adult. You don't need anyone's permission to wear diapers, if that's what you want to do!

Why do you have to wear diapers at night time?

because I wet the bed. If I didnt wear diapers to bed, I'd ruin my mattress. Diapers keep me dry all night long.

What did the Kwakiutl wear in the winter?


Does Frankie Muniz wear diapers?

no he does not!

What is infantalism?

A desire to wear diapers.

Can you wear diapers to school?


Does Lindsay Lohan wear diapers?


Does Samuel Tamsen wear Diapers?