Naruto Shippuden

Do sakura and itachi kiss?

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they never had any kind of relationship exept as enymis

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What episode of Naruto does Itachi try to kiss Sakura?

I don't think Itachi tries to kiss Sakura.

Did itachi kiss sakura?


When does Itachi kiss Sakura?

26 minutes in

What episode will itachi kiss sakura?

there is no episode of that

What episode does itachi kiss sakura?

???? that never happens!

Does itachi ever kiss sakura?

I do not think that would ever happen. For one Itachi is too cold to be kind to other woman. And he does not have the guts to kiss Sakura. anyways in later episodes I think in Shippuuden Itachi dies.

Which naruto episode do Sakura and itachi kiss?

sorry to say that never happened

Is itachi in love with sakura?

Lol...No. Itachi Did Have A Lover Though. It Wasn't Sakura Though... Anyways...Itachi Is Not In Love With Sakura.

Will itachi ever kiss sakura?

No, why should he do something like that? Also, Itachi's dead now.

Will itachi kiss sakura?

I think they will,but then again youtube is a tricky website so I don't know.

Is sakura really in love with itachi?

No!!!! Sakura loved Sasuke not his brother Itachi!

Does sakura fight itachi?

No, Sakura does not. She does however, appear in a battle against a fake itachi.

What episode did naruto sakura and sasuke fight itachi?

they didn't and they won't. Sakura never fought Itachi and Itachi is allready did.

What episode does Itachi meet Sakura?

Naruto Shippuden episode 214- Itachi meets sakura!

Why does itachi like sakura?

Itachi doesn't like Sakura. Deal with it.

Does sakura fall in love with itachi?

no itachi is dead

Does Itachi think that Sakura is hot?

if you don't include the time when Yura was transformed to Itachi, Itachi and Sakura hasn't meet each other

Does itachi want to kill sakura?

No not really, Itachi really does not care for Sakura. He had his eyes on capturing Naruto, not Sakura. And yes she is stronger in Shippuden, but she would still be no match for Itachi. So I think that Itachi does not want to kill Sakura. But if Sakura was to keep getting in his way or annoying him, I think he would have not problem with killing her.

Does Saske protect Sakura from Itachi?

No, he doesn't even need to, since Itachi had zero interest in Sakura

Does itachi kidnap sakura?


Dose itachi like sakura?

He doesn't even know her ok itachi ment sakura when she was a little girl and he brought her home 4 sasuke to see her so no itachi does not like sakura itachi brought her home because he thought that sasuke like her

Does sakura and itachi like each other?

no sakura and itachi dont like each other because itachi caused so much pain to naruto and sauske

Is sakura there after Sasuke kills itachi?


Does sai kiss sakura?

Sai does not kiss Sakura...

Will saske kiss sakura?

no sasuke will NOT kiss sakura..........

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